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Hopefully the shaft isn't scored too, or you will have a bigger problem.
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We started installing a simple driveline seal. Pretty certain this thing has never been apart and rarely greased...making matters worse. U joint was a heck of a fight, so was the yoke and shaft. Everything went into the press ultimately.
Heavy and rusted - not fun. U joint clips rusted to death... broke when disturbed...have to find them now.
The shaft looked good and the seal was a good fit.
Weird U joints had no roller bearings by design. Cleared the grease passages of old hardened grease. Will try to find time to put it back together today - we'll see.
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it’s only been 62 days. After the Body shop and paint, under lighting, touch up paint, assembling a video production crew, a couple of young actresses (+ stunt doubles), and the red carpet premiere, TBN release date is probably looking at spring of 2024 :rolleyes:
But it will be a fantastic video!
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It works !
Will upload some pics here in minute
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Chain mower test.
Before and after


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Here she is in all her glory.


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It cut weeds, small trees, and broke rocks. Seemed to run best about 480-500 rpms ( I'm guessing) There was some unwanted vibration at full 540 rpm per my rpm indicator. So backing off a bit gave the same cut and mulch without so much vibration. The good news is there are no leaks! That seal was a biotch to replace.
She is a very solid tool. I dare the weeds to grow :LOL:
I'm using 70 grade 3/8th chain which did not show alot of wear in our little test. I think the harder the better on the chain. Nothing flew out the front so the curtain is working as designed. I may have had the mower a little low.
All in all we're happy so far.


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Good Morning scootr,
Glad its working out for you ! Looks awfully dry out there, maybe you should bring it up to Vermont and see how it works on our really lush and green fields !;):)

Anyway good to see you managed to fix all the problems with this unit ! Wondering how thick of a shim or gasket you had to use to get the proper backlash on your gears ?

Now that its working properly, you can paint it up pretty to match your tractor !;)
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I admire your persistence. Do you think you need to add some mesh to the ROPs? The ROW mower guys used to do that around here.