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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
With both my businesses currently tanking due to this virus I really needed some stress relief. Today I decided to start on what I'm calling Lake Corona. In all honesty it will be a very small pond, something to remember this crazy time years from now and to hunt over, but Corona pond just doesn't have the same ring to it. If it holds water maybe some day I'll get a dozer in here and really go to work but for now the track loader will have to do.

Day 1
I spent the first half of the day taking out trees and clearing top soil. Here's a before pic.


Time to get to work
Used the trackloader and grapple to push over and rip out all trees 6-7 inch or smaller. I left the bigger trees standing until enough dirt and roots were graded away to push them over as well.


I ended up with a few hours before dinner to start moving dirt and made a little progress. It looks like rain is moving in unfortunately for the next few days so may be awhile before I can get back to it. Here's where I left off.


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^^^^ Can't wait for more sorry jk96 . . .
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Yes, please keep updating your progress. This should be interesting.
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Sorry about your business. Nice project here and I'm in for updates.

Good Luck.
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Yes please keep the updates coming. :thumbsup:
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Light rain set in early this morning. Only 1/10" but enough to keep me back inside today. I did take the time to walk the site a bit now that some clearing has been done. There is actually potential for a very nice U shaped pond here. Probably going to bring the dam up higher than planned after looking at it. Will probably shoot a waterline and flag the area next and go back to clearing some more timber once I determine the waterline.

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Excellent project!!!!

I'm considering a similar project over an open waterway. I don't have a CTL but I do have a 5.5 cuyd scraper that I pull behind my Kubota.

A project like this will be very good for your Soul!!!!

Assuming a steel pipe overflow with an earth spillway for emergency?
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Looks like a fun project!! One thing that I learned when I built my pond is that bigger is better!!! When I was done, I thought I had a pretty good sized pond, but then we had a really bad summer and I had almost ten feet of evaporation. After that, I raised my overflow two feet, which gave me a lot more water to evaporate. I've never dropped more then 4 feet since then, but it's really nice have that extra water just in case we have another super hot/dry summer.
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A project like this will be very good for your Soul!!!!
I agree with Ovrszd. It is good for your Soul. I am envious. I love digging in the dirt. Maybe I can find room for a third pond.:laughing:
Keep us updated............and remember, no photos means it didn't happen.;)
hugs, Brandi