BXpanded bucket lip clamp problem.

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Oct 19, 2011
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I'm hoping someone may have a fix for this if they've had the same experience.

I have a number of the bucket attachements from BXpanded: a few of the bucket hooks of both types and a set of four of the brush/pallet forks. I like the way they are designed to use their clamp thing that clamps onto the bucket lip - no drilling, you can reposition them anywhere on the bucket, remove them easily, etc.

I am having issues with the clamp mechanism. First one a couple years ago, then another, then another... four or five of them over the last couple years. The v-shaped bar things that snaps down and secures the clamps on the bucket lip become "loose". That is, they will seem fine and then one day the v-bar will just fall right out of the clamp mechanism. Pick it up to put back in the clamp, but they don't snap down tightly anymore.

Once one falls out, or I notice one is all of a sudden hanging halfway out, it will now be quite loose, and will just fall out if you put them back in. They don't seem to be holding the clamp part to the bucket lip securely any longer now that the v-bar doesn't "snap" hard into place any longer.

Has anyone had this experience? If so, did you figure out what was wrong or how to fix it?
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I had this problem, I actually lost one of the v-bars in the field, as I knew it was loose, but didn't keep a close enough eye on it. That's when I wrote Harry about the problem. He emailed me instructions and pics on how to adjust the v-bar to get a tighter fit. And oh yeah, he mailed me a replacement v-bar. I had probably had the hooks less than 3 months. I guess there is just enough difference in the various buckets that it is hard to make one tension design fit all situations. But the hooks work great & are convenient. I have not tried to do the adjustment yet as I had stopped using the hooks in late fall, but will be trying it soon. Try contacting Harry, I don't know that I feel comfortable posting his pics on line.
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Thanks gmike. Were yours tight to start with? Mine were all very tight, and really had to push to snap into place, but seem to have "loosened up" over time. I'll have to write Harry to get the instructions I guess.

Is the adjustment to the v-bars themselves or on the clamp? I'm not sure how I'd manage to adjust their bend shape...
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GA, the adjustment is to the v-bar. It has to be slightly bent in a certain way. Mine were never as tight as what you are describing. I had to use, I would say, mild pressure to close mine, but they did not stay tight. Harry is very responsive, so send him a quick email by going on the site and using the 'contact us' function.
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This was helpful, thanks!