Can all tractors flip over easy?

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I wonder if it has the hydraulics to go up and down like some of the crazy rides they have now . . .
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It looks like the rear has had the drop boxes flipped to lower it.
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Lowering the centre of gravity helps and now I added a tool with which flipping backwards is eliminated !
It comes with build-in turbo-boost and yet propulsion invisible for the naked eye...

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Surprised? That's what you get if you believe the media circus and do not investigate yourself... I'm just an ordinairy guy, did not believe that an aluminium aircraft could penetrate a steel constructed sky scraper build to resist an impact like this and then make it come down like?? well ?? right ! a well prepared demolision, tree times in a row. And the world watched and said: "oh the metal was so hot, it pan caked" yeah sure. Why did survivors hear bombs go off like clockwork before the collapse? Where did the heat come from to melt metal? Kerosine exploded on impact... Think again, before telling me to get help. It simple logic, which you should understand if you're the same type of engineer like I am, and the reason why I love old tractors, cars and bikes...
You are a sad person . I cannot believe you would talk such **** . Was your relation one of the hijackers ?
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Does no one remember the CIA killed Kennedy?

I'm under the impression a bunch of pissed off fundamentalist Muslim's hijacked four planes and used them as flying bombs, but let's not pretend our government isn't perfectly capable of being absolutely, murderously heinous.

So maybe we all calm the **** down.
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You are a sad person . I cannot believe you would talk such **** . Was your relation one of the hijackers ?
I won't reply, I won't say anything, I've learned my lesson; don't speak of the war to Germans, don't speak of 911 to Americans
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We try to not bring political topics into the forum. Didn’t mean to pillory you.

But there some theories of how and why the towers went down. That are just flat out wrong. Try hose who understand the science & engineering of what happened don’t like theories of what happened which rely on the lack of real knowledge.

There are simple engineering and physics explanations for what happened. Most people just don’t know enough to understand the science and can easily be led to false conclusions.

Scientists and Engineers are taught to always go with the simplest science based explanation. Which is the one I posted.

I won’t argue music theory with John Fogerty, or my daughter’s mother. Both know and live it. I will argue with Doctors about the mechanics of micro vascular damage in uncontrolled diabetes. The kind of, sort of understand it. From a these are the results and complications. I understand it as the hydrodynamics of pumped systems. And a bit of industrial process chemistry. They know what happens to the body like g term. I know why those symptoms/complications occur and why it is important to stay under control.

I frequently tell people that we are all on the same planet. But, their world and my world are not the same. My world is driven by science and mathematics. Things many people see as magic, are just physics beyond their understanding.

If this seems a bit garbled, I am doing this on my phone using a hint and peck method, with thumbs to big to always hit the right keys. At 0400, while I wait for my continuous glucose monitor, to quit sounding crash dive warnings. So I can go back to sleep. There is a reason the navy uses a klaxon to alert crews to important things like general quarters, and emergency dives. That noise will wake the dead. And it most definitely is impossible to sleep through.

Blood sugar is going back up, and I’m going back to bed.
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