Case IH 2294 Hydraulics Failure



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Jul 15, 2011
Case IH 2294
Case IH 2294 Farm Tractor - Problem is the tractor hydraulic rear remotes,
3-point lift, and clutch stopped working. Tractor does have power steering if you can finally get it in a gear and moving.

Would the hydraulic system charge pump cause this? I have oned this tractor about 4-years and looks like the main pump and charge pump have been replaced before my mistake of purchasing the tractor.


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Feb 25, 2001
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I've been studying on your problem for a couple days now and I think your problem lies in the charge pump drive.

The 2290, predecessor of the 2294 used to have a tendancy to either strip out the torque limiter disc on the flywheel or strip out the right angle drive that powers the main hydraulic pump and the charge pump.

If the torque limiter disc was slipping or the hub was spun out of it, there would be nothing to drive the pumps at all and since you say you have steering, I have to assume that the small gear pump that's piggy backed on the main hydraulic piston pump is turning. BTW, do you have brakes too? If you have steering, you should also have brakes.

The charge pump is driven by nothing more than a 7/8x 3/16 wwodruff key. Chances are, that key has sheared and the charge pump is not turning and not supplying oil to the main hydraulic pump.

There's usually a reason for a key that shears, they don't usually just snap on their own, so you should check that the charge pump isn't seized internally.

You can click here, then click on Hydraulics, then Charging Pump and Drive. The woodruff key is item #9.

I think .... and again, I'm not CERTAIN, but I think you can remove the charge pump and its drive without splitting the tractor.

Hope this helps.