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Aug 7, 2005
I think the big phone companies have an agreement. They treat customer like crap, don't offer service and cut costs for themselves. The bean counters only care about $$, not service. So every two years , while stacking up cash at expense of us customers, the big companies just exchange customers as a part of everyday business. Young customers don't expect service. They are loyal to new tech only. Old guys, who remember Ma Bell and service, are now out of the market. Most just want phone service only, and don't want new computer phones that ore outdated in a year. Gee, how can phone company make $$ on folks who just want phone service? Welcone to 2011....

One good thing, the big company will help keep Christmas alive. Let's see?? 150 million Christmas trees = 75 million phones, a few hundred million toys, lots of clothing etc. Without Christmas what will the fruitcake indusry do?

Merry Christmas and happy new year......Coffeeman

I have had the same Tracfone for 4 years and have been paying $99 a year for 800 minutes and getting 200 bonus minutes. This is more minutes than I use in a year. Cheap and no problems for 4 years UNTIL......

Last week I added another 1000 minutes and double minutes and 2 days later it went to Roam when I am in my neighborhood. When it is on Roam I have to also dial the area code to make a call which is very annoying. If I drive 1/2 mile from my home it goes off of Roam and I can dial the 7 digit number. I think the cell tower by my home has a problem. My phone uses the Verizon network.

I spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday with their customer service in Columbia and they are hard to understand with their accent and have trouble understanding me. They tried changing my phone number to see if it would help. NOPE. Then when I asked for my old number back they said it was no longer available. Now I have to give everyone my new number.

They told me that everyone is advised to dial the area code first regardless of who or where they are calling from and there is nothing wrong with my phone or their system.. HUH? But why did it just start roaming a few days ago? They said it doesn't matter because it isn't charging me for roaming and don't be so lazy, just dial the 10 digit number instead of the 7 digit one.

Emails to American HQ don't help. I think they just go to Columbia too. BAD customer service. :mad:

After I use up my time I may be looking for a new phone too.