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Made a mistake. It was a Century 3040 with a C50 loader that we mounted the tree shear to. It could be done on a C40 loader also.

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As others have told you that seems high. I have a quote for much less than that for a Branson 4020 with BL20.

FWIW, I was told by a Branson dealer something to the effect of "any dealer can sell a Branson for less than the equivalent Century (about $500 he said) because the Century price includes a royalty for using the Century name that Branson doesn't have to pay".

He hasn't tripped my BS meter on anything else, so I'm inclined to believe him.
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No disrespect intended but I assure you your BS meter must be malfunctioning. I would not believe any of that about royalties. Your dealer may believe it because he may have been told that by some one. It may also have to do with the fact that only Century dealers have access to the C-50 and it costs more than the BL10/20 (or Century C-30/40). I believe American Jawa owns the "Century" name.
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B.S. perhaps but from all I have read and experienced, Centuries are usually higher than Bransons--part of that may be the C-50 but the prices I've seen quoted have not always included the loader.
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Snowridge, the pallet forks are very handy as you imply. At our shop, we also build a front mounted quick attach brush rake for pushing brush into piles (lots of orchards around here) and we have built one quick-attach hydraulic auger. We had a local blacksmith shop cut us out a bunch of the brackets out of 3/4" plate and we weld them onto whatever we are making. One word of caution though...the plates must be welded on exactly right for the pins to slip through the holes effortlessly like they do on the factory bucket.

If you can still get the Branson forks for $600, you should do so. Dealer cost is now substantially over that amount.
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As a Century dealer, who could also get the Branson line, I believe that there are no real significant differences in pricing from the supplier end.
Occassionally, a supplier will offer specials on certain tractor models or the entire line on a short term basis, which most dealers will pass along to their customers, but to say that Centurys are generally higher priced than Bransons, is wrong.
If there is much of a difference , it is probably because of the dealers pricing policies.
Bottom line is , they are both good values, compared to the "majors"

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What I said was, "from all I have seen and experienced...", which was not <font color="blue"> wrong </font> . Branson has had some very good incentives and in my area Centuries are higher. I have some limited internet experience which also indicated Centuries were higher. And the fact is, when a 10 series has the C-50 loader on it, it HAS to be higher because it's a more expensive loader (unless someone's giving it away). I will agree, however, that they are both very good values and I am sure sometimes the Bransons are higher, depending on the dealer. </font><font color="blue" class="small">( probably because of the dealers pricing policies )</font>. For the consumer, it doesn't really matter why the price is different, as long as its lower! I do understand your point about the supplier end, but I stand by what I said. When I was looking, between November 2002 and February 2003, Bransons in my area and beyond were priced lower.
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Glad to see you are happy with your tractor in addition to it being a Kukje unit. Also glad to see your continuing support and promotion of Century/Branson. I think we all agree pricing policy's are determind by each dealer. And I do not think anyone here is "right" or "wrong". This board is read by every one. What may be true for one geografic area may not be for all. And what may be true for all area's (for all brands) may (and probablly will) change from time to time. I do feel though local dealers value is manytimes under estimated untill it is to late. Tractors like to many other things are treated like a commodity when ther are not. So that being said please do not take offense to the following, it is not meant that way.

<font color="blue"> "For the consumer, it doesn't really matter why the price is different, as long as its lower!" </font>

If the quality and support of all dealers were the same I would agree. Unfortunately the difference between dealers can be light years. It sounds like in your case everything is working out great. And I am truely glad for that. But I have seen with many other deals. (any brand, any equipment) things have not always gone as well. And what made the biggest difference was the dealer. (for good or for bad)
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No offense taken and would certainly agree of the importance of the dealer unrelated to price. But we were talking about price and it was to that I was addressing my comments. Come to think if it, I suppose my Century opinion may have been influenced by the fact that my local Century dealer is a...well, being a Christian man let me just say I did not buy my tractor from him. Kind of ironic, I guess.
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19th VA,
I too have limited internet experience, and my comment about Centurys higher pricing being wrong was aimed more at the comment sendero passed along with regard to what his Branson dealer told him.
I did not mean to offend you in any way.
All information and experiences with regard to tractor shopping and buying are needed and helpful in this forum.
As a Century dealer, I felt compelled to add my 2 cents worth, for the benefit of all who might read these posts, and hopefully dispell the notion that Centurys are "generally" priced higher than Bransons.
In my neck of the woods, we have no problem competing with any of the CUTS on the market. As you know the Kukje built tractors don't take a back seat to any on the market, from either a quality or price standpoint.
As pointed out continuously in this forum, all things being equal, it is the dealer that makes the difference.
We do ,I believe, quite well in this area, when it comes to face to face dealing---I just need to polish my internet approach. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif