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Hey, Dance, no problem. After all, we're all on the same team--keeping Kukje in business and the quality level high!
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hello everyone,

this is my first post, so i'll try to keep it simple....

10 + ac, heavy woods, raw land so to speak.....

i've been looking at CUT's for a while and i've decided on the CENTURY for a number of reasons, ease of operations, low fueling, easy access, fit and finish, red (lol), dealer enthusiasum, (he has a reasonable parts dept), splash guards (don't seem like much, but i've been muddy before) easy to go to 4wd, and i could go on and on.....

i really liked it over orange, green and blue, especially the pricing......here goes......

5' bh, bea rice or mohawk ( bea rice uses angle iron for side rails around the sides of the mower. and 3/4' x 2' top reinforcement
5' box blade bea rice( it has 5 teeth)
10k 27' straps (2)
5' ramps (2)
16' coker trailer, custom, pipe rails (2"), dual axles
c-50 loader....

$16450 (16150 for the pkg with 2028)
R-4's $350
del $25 (my property is out side his 50 mile area)
$125.... 50 hour service, parts and labor plus travel ($75 est.)

he is located in tyler, tx and has pictures all over the wall with his customer base, tells me he can't keep the tracors with loader in stock......(coker enterprises)

hope this gives you and idea of what's out there if you look around....

the frieght to other parts of the country makes a lot of difference

will buy after the mortage company gets thru all the paper work for my home......

good luck,