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Jul 31, 2021
Century 3045
I have a Century 3045 and the shuttle is not engaging correctly. It’s hard to get it to go in forward or reverse at times. When it doesn’t slip in you can hear it grinding. Is there an adjustment for it?
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if you look at the #21 in the diagrams, most often this roll pins have moved out of their position in the swivel joint and are hitting/interfering with the linkage actuating, however i would definitely look over all your linkages there as is a chance you may have damage to the reverser splined shaft if those splined teeth are chipped or fragments it can also cause the problem your having.


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Thanks, I will check this. It may be a few days due to work schedule.
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I examined the shifter linkage and the roll pins are in place. The knuckle joint that connects to the bottom of the shaft and the lever coming out of the transmission was loose. I tightened everything up and started adjusting the linkage. I was able to find a sweet spot to place the shuttle in forward, but it will not go into reverse. Once in a blue moon it will drop into reverse, but usually it feels like something is not lining up correctly and not going into reverse at all.

I cannot fine the adjustment where it will go into both forward and reverse. Hoping it’s not internal
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if you've adjusted it as best you can and it still wont go into reverse then there may be extended wear on the shift fork and synchronizer gears, either scenario would require opening the units top case and doing a visual inspection.


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