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Oct 7, 2002
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Instead of responding in the posts below, I thought it would be refreshing to start under another heading /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

I have been searching for information about TYM to see who actually manufactures the engines for the tractors they sell.
(I'm just talking CUTS here.)

What I am coming up with so far, is that Kukje, who makes the Century and Branson tractors appears to be one of the few Korean tractor makers that make their own engines.
TYM appears to buy theirs from Kubota, Daedong, and John Deere.
Kukje does buy the Yanmar engine for the 45hp Century, but that ,from what I hear will soon change.

So, who does that leave as the only engine manufacturers in Korea for compact tractors? So far, I am coming up with only Kukje and Daedong.

If I am wrong or have missed something (which occassionally happens ), please fill me in.

Hey Mr. Woodbeef, kind sir and gentleman,
With your extensive library and knowledge--could you enlighten me . Or at least let me know if I am partially on the right track, or just plain all wet /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

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I is my understanding that TYM is a component tractor. They make very little of the tractor themselves. The engine in the CUTS are Kubota, the hydros are Eaton and the gear trans models are Iseki.

The Kukje engine is a good one, and built by Kukje and installed in the Branson/Century line, except for the 45HP which is a Yanmar. Very soon the Kukje built Cummins will be used in the CUT size Branson/Century's and the Komatsu will be used in the soon to be offered 30 series Bransons (50-60HP).

That's my two cents worth, and I probably deserve a penny back in change!
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Hey Dan,

It looks to me like you are correct on all points!!

As far as I know the only Korean CUT offerings are from Kukje,TYM,DaeDong,and LG.
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Hey Dave,

So will the Kukje/Cummins engine be the same as the current engine in the 20 series?
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The engines will actually be different. Perhaps not better as we think a lot of the Kukje engine, but it is a completely different engine. I looked at the new engine at the World Ag Expo (we had the Branson booth and it wasn't far from Cummins booth). The Cummins people are real proud of it. It has been tested extensively and is as bulletproof as a small diesel can be.
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Cummins can't build a good class 8 diesel truck engine and they can't meet emission standards for 2005, so I hope for your sake that their CUT engine is better. They can't even build a good class 6 engine. The blocks are splitting in some motorhome chassis. I not so fondly remember my either happy 855 formula engine. Below 50 degrees, it took about 1/2 can of either to get it started.

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The new EEA engines that Cummins is a partner in meet Teir2 in Europe,which from my understanding is tougher than the EPA regs. Look for them in the upcoming CIH and NH tractors.
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I was being a little sarcastic, I was comparing truck engines to tractor engines even though Cummins uses their Magnum Diesel in International Row Crop Tractors. I never liked the old 855's other than you could rebuild them with a crescent wrench and a pair of vise grips. Oh and a 5 pound sledge hammer too. Cummins had better persue new ventures, they are about kabosh in the heavy duty diesel market.

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Komatsu currently builds the Cummins B3.3 series engines (65-85hp)
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Chipperman, thanks for that info. That makes sense. Will they call that engine a Cummins or a Komatsu when it is installed in the 30 series tractors?