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Thanks guys,

So let me see if I have got this straight:
In the Korean compact utility tractor market, we have:
1) Kukje--making Century and Branson--(Manufacture their own engines) Also build a larger cab tractor for John Deere?
2) DaeDong-- Kioti--(Make their own engine)
3) LG--Long Landtrac,Tafe,and ? (engines primarily from Mitsibishi)
4) YTM--Mahindra 10-series, Scorpion and ?--(engines from DaeDong,Kubota,and JD?)

I am probably missing some, but limiting to tractors sold in the US that I am aware of.

How about the so called, majors in the US: I know John Deere was/is Yanmar, but what about New Holland and Massey CUTS ?

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Massey CUTS are built by Iseki, so are the new Caterpillar CUTS. Nice machines.
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Hey Dan,

NH still is with Shibaura for CUTs.

All of the AGCO CUT offerings come from Iseki,no matter if they are red,orange or yellow.

Oh,ya I think you made a typo there,sir. It should be TYM,not YTM
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Sorry about the typo error. My Korean is getting a little rusty /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
TYM--Tong Yang Moolsan Co.,Ltd

Yea, I should have remembered about Shibaura and Iseki.
In fact,our shop did an engine rebuild recently on a 1710 Ford with Shibaura engine--extremely high parts prices!!!

I guess my mind was more on Korean than Japanese.
(I have been told I have CRS---I prefer to call it one track mind or focused on the moment) /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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I had a guy pull up beside me in a parking lot the other day in his cummins powered Dodge pickup. That had to be the loudest engine in a truck that i've ever heard. No way i could put up with that racket very long. My brother-in-law drives Cummins powered Company Semis and he claims they drive them a million miles and never touch the motor unless a headgasket blows. He is sold on the Cummins, but i wouldn't want their pickup motor.
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The 2003 Dodge Cummins engines are very quiet nothing like the 2002 or older ones. I would not expect the Kukje Cummins to sound any different from the current Kukje Century or Branson engines.
PS: I have a 1997 3500 ram with the Cummins in it. It sure pulls great but it's also hard to here myself think at the same time.
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MY Dodge cummins high output engine sounds like a bucket of chestnuts with a microphone in it !!
But it will pull my trailer with 4 tractors on it down interstate 5 like there is no tomorrow! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Tractor Ernie <><
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My Mahindra 4110 model has Kioti's Daedong engine, and remainder of tractor assembled by TYM.
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Do you guys drive sitting on the hood or with your head sticking out the window? Inside the cab of my 2001 dodge is no louder than any other vehicle but it will drag everything else on the road sideways. When did men become so sensitive about loud noises..... Next thing you know they will make quiet rifles for hunting.