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I'm not seeing much of a problem. My crews run Echo and Stihl saws and they both get nicked by the chain. That is because the thinning crews throw a chain several times a day. This is due to hitting small branches with a moving chain as they prune the trees. If chain is loose at all it jumps off the bar.

I run a couple dolmars and it happens to them too, but I'm a little more careful so not as much.

Anyway, cosmetic stuff we don't worry about at all, the saws are maintained very well, blow off each day etc. but they are for working and not for looking pretty.
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I got the new plate in, flipped my bar, put on a new chain, and made sure everything is to spec. Cut about 10 logs up -- about 3 hours of run-time, and NO issues to report.

hddnis -- I was doing a lot of pruning/small branch cutting, and I can almost guarantee that is how I messed up the cover. Never would've thought about the chain jumping in that scenario! Thank you!

I appreciate everyone's assistance!