Clarkson’s Farm

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And adding another 150#-200# isn't going to do much with that tractor.
Adding it randomly probably doesn’t.

adding it 10’ plus in front of the center of the rear axle makes a big difference.

“Give me a lever long enough and I can shift the world.”

some old dead guy)
   / Clarkson’s Farm #113  
Another announcement that they will be making another episode of Grand Tour in Eastern Europe.
I hear season 3 of the farm will be in early 2024.
   / Clarkson’s Farm #115  
You're from Appalachia?
I've seen Deliverance. You probably claim you all can't play the banjo.
I am from New Jersey.

I moved to Appalachia.

it is a drastic improvement.

Banjo Boy worked at the Walmart 19 miles south of me up until a couple years ago.

I can’t play banjo - yet.

I can play a stumpfiddle.
   / Clarkson’s Farm #119  
I thought Amazon was P.O.‘ed at Clarkson and they parted ways?

Guess money (and viewers) talk.