Clarkson’s Farm

   / Clarkson’s Farm #122  
Pretty depressing so far.
Though some of Jezz antics are certainly entertaining.
   / Clarkson’s Farm #123  
Grew up around livestock. Not so much depressing as realistic.

As bad as things are in the states, I think I would be less calm about how their local pols try to dictate.

Maybe he will buy a place here in a few years and do seasons 5-7 in comparison.
   / Clarkson’s Farm #124  
Yeah, you'd have to be pretty thick not to notice the similarities. Clarkson said some stuff that rubbed the wrong set of hatchet-faced, weaned on lemons malcontents the wrong way and they're throwing everything they can to impede him. I guess lawfare knows no boundaries.
I doubt that he would move his operation over here - he has expressed disdain for our lifestyle before on Top Gear.
   / Clarkson’s Farm #126  
Hard to find anything Clarkson hasn't expressed disdain for... that's what's so funny about it. He certainly does like American horsepower though.