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Feb 19, 2018
Kubota L6060
Ok guys, I searched and didn't find anything, quickly. How does everyone clean the air filter on their tractor. I know blowing air into it will sometimes pack the dirt in tighter. Is there an air filter cleaning solution that works? Just soap and water? Spray with degreaser and wash out then let it dry? If they weren't $70+ I wouldn't try cleaning it. I've seen a lot of cheep air filters on line, but don't really want to take a chance on letting dirt destroy my engine because the filter didn't do it's job.
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5030, how many hours do you do a year. I only do about 100 to 150hrs. I still like to clean or replace the air filter when I do. I has a lot of dust in it. The air indicator hasn't changed, but I assume by the time that indicator says you need to do something its really plugged.
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Depends on what tractor I'm using to farm with. I just replace them yearly both the outer and inner filter
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I check 2-3 times a year, tap lightly to get dust/debris out and reinstall. I have washed with warm water and dried one for a spare. I only do 50 hours or less a year. I don't do any brush cutting or mowing, just BH and loader work, and usually not real dusty/dirty conditions.

Really depends on your operating conditions, but I would replace every 150 hours +-.
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In the past it was common to have AG air filters washed, but I don’t know if it’s still done.
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I have the inner and outer air filters. The outer gets a bunch of dirt, the inner, not at all. Think "back-up". I will tap the outer, then use a 90° blow gun and compressor to clean it from the inside to the out. Depending on use / hours, I'll blow out the filter a couple times. Then it will get replaced. Usually about 150-200 hours
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Companies make wands for blowing out air filters on larger equipment. Not sure about smaller filters though.

When I farmed air filters were changed as needed not on hourly basis. Some tractors saw far more dust than others.
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Good question Dennis, I've wondered the same thing. I put approx. 100 hrs. a year on mine and often in dusty conditions so I do take the filter out and blow with air often, but it still looks good - seems to still work okay - and is quite expensive to replace at such low hour usage that I wait 2 or 3 years before buying new. I've really wondered about washing it in soap and water, like my spa filter but haven't tried that yet. I'm afraid I just might end up ruining a good filter? I often wonder how the long haul truckers deal with this issue? It seems like they would have a good grasp on how long an air filter should be expected to last.