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Jun 7, 2017
Vernon, NY
Kubota BX2200
I am looking for a generic new pusher mower deck. Basically one with the handle bars, the deck, and wheels. I don't care if it's assembled or not.

I have an nice 7 HP Briggs I just rebuilt and I want to put it on a new deck.

I did fuddle around with replacement parts sites, but it's like you need to buy like everything separately. I can find the decks, but they are without wheels, gauge adjusters, etc. I'm looking for something that is like the entire mower without the engine.

Really surprised there isn't anyone out there selling kits like this.

Any and all help would be super appreciated.
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Cruise the landfills/transfer stations of the most affluent towns in your area. The deck may not be new, but it is likely to be serviceable. The mower may have been discarded because the motor wouldn't start or because the blade was dull. On the way you just might see something suitable by the side of the road with a "Free, Needs Work" sign.
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Too bad you're not closer. I have about 6-7 used mowers I got as part of a auction. You could have your pick of the litter. A dealer was closing and I bought the "Parts Department". The mowers were there in various states of repair and perhaps trade-ins. Most ran but needed cables or a belt. I sold a few I could get operating quickly. I've been trying to give-away the rest. :cool:
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Yeah, I have those options. I currently got it mounted to a "used" deck I found on the side of the road. This engine has been mounted to several decks in it's lifetime.

I can't believe some of the stuff I find, especially on clean out days. People have no sense of keeping anything. Guess it's the 21st century -- everything is disposable.