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Nov 11, 2010
South Eastern Connecticut
Kubota BX2360
Hi all,

It looks like I will be keeping my new Kubota BX2360 outside over the winter. The wife has decided that the under the porch storage idea is unacceptable because when she has to plow the drive all she wants to do is start the tractor and GO!

So... How do you all keep your tractors covered, if you don't have a shed, garage or barn?

This is what I have been able to find thus far.

My new tractor arrives in 5 days!

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I bought a Carport from Tractor Supply on a black Friday deal a few years ago (they generally have them each year) for around 250$ I keep my tractor in that. For the price of that cover I would much rather have a car port since even the general retail of the "garage in a box" is right around 350$.
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What are the available parking locations like? Is there a more or less protected place (preferably on the south side of your house) available? If so, for not much more money than that I'd look at one of the many, many types and sizes of "fabric & frame" equipment shelters. Easy to install, can be left open ended on one end, and doesn't have to even be long enough to cover the bucket, just back it in and park it. Plug in the block heater before you need to start it, and turn her loose (be sure to have her unplug the block heater first!). Can't imagine you'd need a very big one, especially if you have a folding ROPS.

I see the BX2360 is only about 8' long and 3-1/2' wide including the hitch (but not including implements/loader). LOTS of small enclosures built for the back yard will fit that, including quite a few of the prefabbed deliver and drop-in-place wood and metal builldings for sale at many places.

Whatever you do, keep it out of the sun if possible and for sure keep it dry. A year in the sun, rain and snow will shorten its overall life by much more than a year.
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I do not understand the start the tractor and go issue? What is the issue with storing under the porch? Is the porch just located to far from the driveway to be convenient?

To make the tractor last it should still be a start the tractor, warm it up and go unless I am missing something here? I would definately get a block heater added by the dealer, plug it in for say an hour before use and let it warm up for 15 minutes after starting it before moving snow with it. For the kind of $$$ investment to purchase a tractor you want it to last.

How much $$$ can you spend on protecting the tractor? I purchased a prebuilt garage for my larger tractor from Klotter Farms in Ellington CT. One of their garages or even a shed would probably work for a BX sized machine. Kloter Farms-Sheds,Gazebos,Playscapes,Dining,Bedroom,Kitchen Islands,CT,MA,RI,VT,NH,ME,NY,PA: Outdoor Structures
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Convience is everthing for my wife I am thinking. One of the main reasons we bought a Kubota BX was I am away a lot because of travel. So what ever the wife wants the wife will get. She does not want to think about hitting a deck post while parking/pulling out the tractor.

My plan is to have 4 or 5 trees knocked down and a barn erected in thier place. However, that will not be done until next fall.

What kind of foundation do you have under your garage?

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What are the available parking locations like? Is there a more or less protected place (preferably on the south side of your house) available?


I have a nice parking spot on the side of my house where the previous owner stored a trailer. I am guessin that this is the spot that the wife wants me to park the BX.

I dont think the wife is ready for me to build an attached garage that I want for my truck.

I am really thinking that the covered car port is the right answer. They appear to be resonably priced...

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I stretch a tarp over mine with bungee cords during the snowy season.
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A cover is great, but if you need to wait so to make the perfect decision, here is my story:

The primary reason we bought our tractor was to move snow. The sad truth is that, like many tractors in rural America, it has spent it's entire life outside.

When buying, I picked the tractor that looked to have the best fit and finish. I passed on a less expensive tractor because it had many fasteners that were already rusted before I was to buy it new.

Even now, our Kubota has not one rusted fastener that I can find. The body panels seems to be just as bright orange as the day it was delivered. However, I learned quickly that the Orange paint on the Woods implements do not have the same quality as the tractor. Today the Woods loader is a milkly orange color.

Some winters we use a tarp to cover the operator's seat and controls. This winter I mounted a used Kioti sunshade in hopes it will survive the snow.

The tractor gets plugged in when snow is coming and the cold seems especially bad.

I run synthetic oil and try to give the tractor time to warm up before pushing it.

So, mine has been fine for years without a home. I encourage you to take your time while deciding on a storage solution as the tractor can take it.

Will the tractor benefit from being under cover? Of course!!