cub 7260 overheating went way worse fast.

   / cub 7260 overheating went way worse fast.
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Have them check for a damaged cylinder liner(s), head, and bent rods from being hydro locked. Good luck.
You probably bent a rod when turning it over. Water don't compress much, so things bend. If you can check compression, one cylinder may be low because a bent rod is shorter, less volumetric efficiency, less compression. If it's pushing water out before it gets hot, compression leaking into coolant. Add the white smoke, steam from burning water. Compression would have told you at the beginning. But it seems to always be the last thing people do.
well guys. we have big rain in the forecast tonight, all day tomorrow, and late sunday night into very early monday morning. When thats all done. heres the list of "to do" on inspection and teardown.

A) read the service manual details again & print off needed pages
B) figure out the best way to contain/protect the machine parts from wind/dust & rain once removed from block
B1) will likely use a spare plastic tote for the head & valve cover to be stored inside & slide it under the cubs frame for temp. storage.

1) drain engine oil & remove oil pan for deep cleaning
1.1) inspect from the underside with oil pan removed to see if there are any cracks in the block, cylinder jug walls outside surfaces that can be seen from laying under it

2) remove the valve cover & inspect whats visible
2.1) prep for removal of the head
2.2) inspect the head for where the gasket failed?
2.3) inspect head for any obvious cracks or bent rods or worse.

night night yall.