Cub Cadet 2007 GT3200 hydraulic issues

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Feb 29, 2024
Cub Cadet GT3200
Our American Legion Post received a 2007 Cub cadet GT3200 with 102 actual running hours on it as a donation to sell for our MIA Memorial construction fund.

The issue we are having is that the mower deck and 3-point hitch cylinders will not move up or down. The tractor drives in both directions forward and reverse and the power steering piston is operational. The hydraulic lift and auxiliary levers do not seem to have any mechanical movement. Transmission fluid is at a normal level. When the transmission release is engaged the tractor will still drive both forward and reverse. Is it possible the two aux pistons are licked up due to the tractor not being used for a few years.

I would really appreciate any information this forum can give me.
GT3200 (4).jpg
GT3200 (4).jpg