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Aug 10, 2013
mccalla alabama
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This tractors has been sitting for nearly 2 years the owner passed away and all I know is his wife said he was waiting on a part or had to order a part . I have read that these tractors have problems with the safety switch and or relays and can be a bit frustrating to crank if that's the case any input on how to fix or buy parts would be greatly appreciated I am going back to get it next weekend and would like to drive it on the trailer either way it's coming home . If it's not electrical I can fix it if it is electrical I will pull my hair out .

Thanks , Ken


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Hi Ken, tell us more of the story. Are you a friend buying it, or does it belong to a relative ? From what I can see in the picture, it looks to be in good shape. I would love to work on a challenge like that.
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Yes I own the tractor I paid 1000.00 for it and the finish mower . The owner passed away a year ago this past October from a short bout with covid , I work with his wife and she is slowly selling things off . I know that's a really good deal but it's like I told her it could be a 10.00 part or a 1000.00 part who knows and I have to figure it out , which she agreed . It's seems to all be there and together no leaks looks really clean that's why I am thinking it's electrical . I am really excited to get it home , who knows it might fire right up . I would have tried to crank it yesterday but by the time she told me she had a tractor in the barn it was time for her to go to lunch with friends plus the keys are lost so I gave it quick look and made an offer . We actually went there to look at an old MCI bus conversion but ended up buying a tractor .
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You done well very well nice clean machine purchasing.

Check the most common things first,battery,clean battery post,starter connections,set small jumpers in case it's safety etc. etc. just enough to get tractor on trailer and home.

Here TBN post from yester years about CC 7272 starting issues....might help.

Break down part list.
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Thanks so much ! I will post more pics and how it goes getting it home .
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Here is a picture of the relay starting issue fix.....
It does (did) work for mine a 7274 which was still going strong when I sold it after 21yrs of ownership good luck


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any update?