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I've read alot just in this thread alone.about making the EZT hydro last longer by removing trans and changing the oil with 20W50 synthetic but no one has mentioned replaceing the filters or where they got one they are inside and is it worth it to mess with something thats suppose to be sealed agaist contamination.Just wondering Ive got the manual also while I'm reading might as well ask another question Ive read so much I thought it was old machinest that said he drilled and tapped a hole in bottom so he could drain without removing and do it every year at service time did I read that on here?
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I have a Cub RZT 50 left drive works fine, right seems to try but does not work. My question being is do I have to remove it to change the oil or can it be done on the machine ? I have another that I've never had a problem with and I mow commercially with it. Doesn't make sense.
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Re: Cub Cadet RZT Transmission troubles
I have 162 hours on my rzt and the tranny started slipping on the left side, then both sides. Soon the machine was mostly unusable. Checked the manual and changed the tranny drive belt. Even worse. Checked replacement trannys --- $800 each side plus labor. Ready to junk machine and buy a different brand. Checked this forum some more and found two references to sticking of the idle pulley for the drive belt binding up and preventing having enough tension of the belt. Thought it seemed too simple and besides the spring for the pulley is very strong. Nevertheless, I loosened the bolt a couple of flats and sprayed it with WD40 followed by lubing with light oil. Immediately, the machine runs like new. Adequate tension on the belt is critical! Folks, check that bolt! Maybe the trannys are not as bad a you thought. Checking the bolt saved me a bundle. I discussed this problem with multiple service people. Either they are ignorant or they keep this bit of "special expertise" to themselves ---- probably an "adjustment" worth a couple of hundred perhaps? Hope it works for you too.
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Hey Joel,
Having same issue in this forum thread. I would be very appreciative for a PDF copy of the service manual so I can try to fix this POS! It seems like I'm lately fixing a lot of little stuff on this mower and not impressed with the quality much now. Thank you in advance for your help.
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yes, I would like a copy of the service manual. mine is the cub cadet rzt 22. i'm also having left side transmission problems. when I first get on it and put it in gear the left side feels jumpy and don't want to go but it finally does. still sluggish tho. thank you very much.
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New member here. Same story. Left transmission slipping. Started losing power at 50 hours. Now it won't pull on a hill at all (170 hours)

Replaced belt (despite the inaccurate manual) and freed the idler pulley swing arm by lubricating. No joy.

Can someone send me the manual for servicing the RZT tranny?

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Tried belt and lubricating tensioner but neither worked. Took transmission out and drained, there was water in the oil, refilled with 20w50 synthetic and worked for a few days then quit. Read somewhere to flush with automatic transmission fluid -took tranny out, drained, filled with ATF and ran with socket on fan bolt and1/2" drill. Cycled forward to reverse a few times, drained and flushed again. Refilled with oil and has worked fine all last cutting season.
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I am new to this forum. I have 3 "entry level" CC RZT 50s with the 22hp Kawasaki Engine. The machines do not have any spin on filters on the transmissions like some discussed later on in this forum. All mowers are working well. None of the equipment shows the common pump problems or weakness as discussed at length in this particular thread. The problem at hand is that the oldest (an 06 with 200+ hours) is becoming far more sensitive to feed back from machine to operator and visa versa. Operator is bused after a few hours of mowing. I wonder if there is a name for that tendency which results in very cyclic or "jerky" forward movement when the lap bars are not against the stops in the forward position. I would appreciate suggestions regarding that issue and need to know where that comes from and what parts might need tightening or replacement. The lap bars on the oldest machine seen to have more "play" in them than the newer machines. Very few service shops in this area seem to have any suggestions as to the cause and most are too busy at this time of year to take the machine in for diagnosis. Three distant locations far apart and grass has to be cut every week at this particular time of year.
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The bolt that goes through the idler arm is it the one that has a locking nut on top near the engine bolt ?
My belt seems to be real tight.
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