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Nov 12, 2020
Pageland, SC
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Okay, by no means is this really worthy of a "do it yourself". I'm aware all I did was pop a few screws and attach a chain. BUT. I had been doing some grading and felt I was at a point where I had done all I could do with the tractor, and I needed a drag or to start working it by hand.

Well, I have this old tractor tire I will flip for exercise, and some old treated 4x4x8 posts, so I put this together with a chain and drug it around and it actually worked really well!

I needed to throw something together with what I had on hand. First I tried to just screw one 4x4x8 to my (~30') chain with a long length behind the post but it didn't do much. This actually works! By no means did it eliminate all hand raking but it made it minimal.

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Nice work! The only problem I see; you can't back it up. :ROFLMAO:
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I definitely can't back it up. Haha. I was very careful with my lines and a time or 3 I had to get out and man handle it over one way or the other.

I can lift or lower the 3ph though depending on the situation to adjust the aggressiveness of that front 4x4.

I would like to pair this with a boom pole to lift the back and then I might really be able to back up.
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This is my DIY land leveler pulled from the scrap pile:

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I enjoy seeing your unique tractors.
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I really like the idea of the cattle gate as a leveler. I've priced gates recently, I want to add one to my shed I park my trailers and tractor in.

They're priced such that I even think it would be worth buying a new one for this task, if it works that well.
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Old piece of train track, skidder tire chain cut in 1/2 and a piece of tubing of some sort….


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