Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

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Apr 6, 2017
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I read a lot through the buying/pricing/comparison forums and see that almost everyone recommends new over used. I also see where most folks on here end up buying new. I know it is not everyone but it seems more common. I agree that used tractors are very expensive.

1. Is it because it is harder to finance and folks don't have the cash?
2. Is it because folks don't want to pay that much for used?
3. If the used market is so expensive and no one wants to pay, why does the price stay high? Or are they selling for a lot less than listing price?
4. Are the used tractors even selling or do they just sit forever and not sell?
5. I read a lot of statements about certain brands having higher resale value. Does this even matter if no one wants to pay for it because the resale value is so high?
6. This might not relate but I see a lot if used chainsaws for sale that are way overpriced as well. I guess folks pay for it and folks selling think they are worth near new prices.

Whenever I am ready to get rid off something, I usually put a decent price on it and it sells quickly. Maybe I need to up my price when selling and be willing to wait 6 months.
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I bought used last Summer. I also sold my old tractor privately after the new one arrived.
I bought used privately after going to 2 dealers and being told there are no used tractors - we have a waiting list of used tractor buyers. And what you want is in stock for about $50k dollars. When I saw something pop up on my local CL market I bought it the same day. I paid 32K cash and seller delivered. I saved 18k and came home and sold the old tractor within a week for $15k. Also the dealers told me they would give me next to nothing for my old tractor even though I bought from one of the dealers I was talking to. To me it was a good deal. By the way, new used tractor had less than 150 hrs on it and the 3 rear remotes and gannon I needed.
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I had the one dealer want more for the new tractor I was looking at with a trade than if I bought it straight up.
He is no longer my dealer.
I mentioned to a friend that I may be getting rid of a tractor and replacing it with a new one.
He mentioned it at the local coffee shop. In the next 2 days I had 6 or 7 different guys show up hoping to make a buy.
In my area there is still a waiting list for certain models of new and a pent up demand for good used tractors. It's a sellers market, at least around here.
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Up until my last tractor, which I bought new, I bought only used tractors and can't say I had a bad experience with any of them. Usually got all my money back after using them a couple years up to 5 years.

I think it isn't a bad way to get into the tractor experience because if you end up buying it and not using it or liking it, you won't lose too much money to resell.

You just need to be patent and ready with cash.

As for selling, I try to price it right and get it sold. I don't have the time for tire kickers who don't have money but have nothing to do but yak. My last tractor sold it the first guy who messaged me within a half hour of listing.

I might have gotten a couple hundred more dollars by pricing higher waiting but it was nice to unload it.
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I think if you know what you need and you can look at a tool for a job and know what will work.. if you can a couple of compromises and you love to bargain hunt you can find a deal. A lot of people here need the security of a warranty or the buying power of a loan. SO new is the only option. I have both new and used cars as well. My wife's car and truck are dealer new. Mine are all used now although the FORD was new to me in 2016. But I don't need a new one every couple a yrs either. What's that? YEs dear, no dear, yes dear.... :p
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The last few years with the shortages the used market became overinflated. I personally took advantage of this and sold a piece of junk Kioti for premium money and didn’t feel bad about it. On tue other side I bought a new tractor to not get raped for basically the same money on a used tractor. I typically buy used cars to save on the initial depreciation but right now if I needed a vehicle I would buy new for tue same reason I bought a new tractor
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A lot of used tractors get sold via word of mouth...many get sold to neighbors etc...
Most dealers keep ISO lists for trade ins and those machines never see the lot...
A lot of folks just keep their current tractors and buy another and maybe even another...!
I probably know more people that own two or more tractors than just one...!
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I buy antique tractor for play toys, but when it comes to tractors I have to depend on daily and that cost a good amount (this also includes atv's, motorcycles etc) I prefer new.
Just because there are lots of ways people can screw things up with poor maintenance and abuse.

I'd always rather start new and do my maintenance from day one. I don't even bring my new vehicles to the dealer any more for oil changes or stuff like that. I've had to fix too many "other peoples mistakes" so may as well just do it myself. I hate that that sounds's really not. It's just that every dealer around me has been incompetent. Pretty sad when you bring your wife's new car to the dealer for an oil change and they put the hoist through the floor then try and tell you "your wife ran something over."