Does anyone remember? I do. Share your memories..


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Dec 31, 2008
North Carolina
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I don't know if Northerners have ever done or heard of this, but I'm sure that many members from the South have. Has anyone put a small bag of salted peanuts in a 6 1/2 ounce bottle of Coke. Or had a "Nehi Orange" soda with a "Moon Pie"?

That really works good on a Mt.Dew. The salt knocks out some of the twang. I no longer drink carbonated beverages, but this is the closest to making me want one. I used to drink Coke, and I got the idea that I was drinking sweet acid water, so I gave it up. When I tried one a few months later, I couldn't get over how SWEET those things are. Peanuts would solve that problem. I doubt I drink 6 a year now.

We have old film of a fellow who thought drinks would dissolve your bones due to the acid. So on the film, he would appear to drink them, but in reality, he'd swish it around in his mouth, and then spit each swig out. :) Whoever was doing the filming seemed to want to capture his drinking problem.


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Jul 13, 2011
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I think I probably saw my first one about 1964. My wife to be was living with an aunt and uncle in Dallas and they had a color TV. But we got our first one in 1969. This same time of year, the State Fair of Texas was going and J.C. Penny had a booth in one of the buildings with the TVs on display. The sales lady said they would deliver it at no cost, and after some period of time (I think it was a month) I could decide whether I wanted to pay for it or to have them come get it and pay nothing. So I signed up. The day before they were to deliver it, that same lady called and told me that TV is going on sale, so if you decide to keep it, it'll be $50 less than the price we agreed on at the Fair. We kept it.:D

There was a time salesfolk trusted their customers. We went looking at TVs back in the late 60s and couldn't make up our minds so they loaded 2 TVs in our car and said to take them home and try them to see which one we liked. They didn't even ask our name.:laughing:
About 3 weeks later we took one back and kept one. The salesman said... "I couldn't remember what I had done with them" :laughing::laughing:
Could have kept them both and they would have been none the wiser.