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Don’t know exactly, but over 25 inches.
We got 20.75

What? What do you do with that much rain? One inch of water per acre is something incredible like 27,000 gallons. If that's right, and I think it is, 560,000 gallons of water in bindians back yard--per acre-- and 23% more for John? How much does a swimming pool hold?

I haven't been to many places in Texas, and that was long ago but it seemed pretty flat. Where does it go?
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We got 7" a while back and it caused lots of damage, can't even imagine 10" no less 20".
Even when I worked in South America, they usually got an inch or 2 each day, for months.
4-5" would be normal on quite a few days.
Glad you all are doing ok with all that water coming through
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There has been a lot of flooding, roads washed out, water up to roof tops, one tornado. It’s been a wild week. We have a little creek out back that was completely out of its banks. We’ve been here 13 years and have seen the water this high only once before and that was during a hurricane. I’m waiting for it to dry up enough that I won’t leave ruts before I fire up the tractor and start cleaning up. Lots of limbs down and trash washed in.
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I am at the bottom of a hill with a gully running through my place. The yellow thing (above the truck's tailgate) on the far side of the water is my CAT excavator. White water, at the right, is going over my pond's spillway.
Gully Water Up Ecavator on Far Side.jpg
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We only have 16" so far this YEAR! I can't imagine 20" in a short time.
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Ever since lightning hit and exploded a huge poplar tree next to her pen, Lucy has been terrified of storms.
When she hears thunder all she can think of is getting into the basement.
I came home the other day and she had the we are all gonna die look on her face because a storm was coming.
Told her I would let her in the basement, as I was going in the kitchen door she knocked me out of the way and came in. I spread an old blanket on the love seat and she watched tv and had lunch with me.
What the wife dont know I wont hafta lie about.
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It's a good thing to let your dog/dogs hide where they want if they don't like storms or sounds. I think it might help them grow out of it but for as long as they want to hide, we will let them.

My current dog is a bird dog so hears lots of noise with zero problem. Thunder is another matter and for her must have some primal vibration or rumble that worries her. She knows when I let her hide or stay close to me during a bad storm.
The other night, we went in the basements for a storm and she was glad to come along but dragged her bed with her. Pretty cute.