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the old boy that Owned that claim was smarter than them moron,s, He let them dig the big hole for 11 oz,s of gold than booted them out, Has anybody ever wondered why they would set there and let that OLD Man go into that tent by himself and add up the gold, I sure as crap wouldn,t, On the last show it showed the fat butt Todd and the old man running all over looking for a new claim in a NEW SUV and riding on NEW snowmoble.s. Thats hard to do with no Money, jus saying
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The Discovery channel picked up the tab for Todd and dad.....

I totally agree. I am sure they are making some good $$$....not from finding gold, but from Discovery.
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The way I like to word it is

"They struck gold as soon as they signed the TV deal":confused2:
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Yes, Just wonder what is next, i seen the peveiws where they are in a deep mine, mining coal
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Special Ep Aug 17! 2012 9pm
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I think thye are heading to south america now. What a bunch of BS
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Anyone see this episode Friday on Discovery? Bunch of novices doing modern day gold prospecting. It was an abandoned Cat they started after sitting for several ? years. I found this a bit hard to believe. It was hard to believe someone left that machine up there.
A lot of things left in Alaska. I been all over Alaska. I was in a 75 truck with a horse trailer I slept in.
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To call them fools seems like an insult to fools everywhere. Why bring little kids? Why buy a lease that everyone before them has failed at and they don't know what they are doing? Either it's all scripted and they are getting paid no matter the results, and it's not their money that they are throwing away, or they are so stupid as to spend a ton of cash on a huge gamble on somehting that they have never done, in a place they don't know.

While I was impressed that they got the dozer started, especially with a 12 volt battery on a 24 volt diesel engine, what really had my scratching my head was the blade change. At first it was a six way, finish blade. Then it had a straight blade on it. Obviously there was two dozers there, I'm just not sure why they pretended there was just one. I also can't figure out why they have to excavators. That's a heck of a lot of money to spend on machines when the big one will do anything the smaller one will do.

I agree that it's going to ba all about the drama and getting mad at each other. I can't imagine this turning out well for them.

Alaska is very remote. Two is a better option. I have lived it.