Drain or Pump out the old oil?

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Can always put a quick drain plug in just pull lever
Had them all our fire trucks at the city made
Services easier of course the oil filters still got me sometimes
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Comment was made (I feel to be accurate) if you go to a quick change, you don't know what they're putting back in.

My car (Honda) is fairly close to ground and has a cover that is under the engine, needing to come off to drain oil. Was miserable weather and I didn't want to wait to get it changed.... I had my new filter AND replacement oil in my trunk so went by quick stop to see if they'd do it (the labor) and I provide the parts.

No problem, $45 (which is stiff but worth me avoiding what I was wanting to avoid)

Car uses 0-30 synthetic. Had it ready and was able to watch them put new oil in and I got the unused portion back in case I need to top off.

Now, my boogyman there is.... how do I "know" they replaced the old filter. I'm if I do this again, I'm going to try to mark the oil filter so when the "old" comes off, I can ask to see it. My mark should be there and if not, can inquire.