Dust control

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I have tried salt, it didn't work that well.
The last time I spread calcium i used a little spreader as it would be hard to 2-3 bags of calcium go far in a sander;
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my lawn mower tractor transmission get weak real fast when it's hot out so all use it for is trimming so when I put some calcium down last week I had a bit of overkill
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I just wonder - will the peanut oil attract rodents or other unwanted animals.

Shortly after spraying with peanut oil for dust control.


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:laughing::laughing::laughing: Me too!
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This is what my farmer/neighbor uses.



He isn’t happy with the results and DOESN’T recommend it.

You’re welcome for the NON help. Lol
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The EPA calls this fugitive dust control. Google will find you many documents on this. Mostly I've seen water trucks spray the roads on industrial sites.