face mask for mowing tired of the dust?

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Instead of buying a cab, $$$ buy a kind of astrounat suit.

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I used to just wear a bandana as a mask for years once the rains stop. Kept the dust down pretty well. Same thing when picking up dead leaves in the fall. Now that everyone including myself has masks around, I wear those.
Same here. I used a bandana I soaked with water and wrung it out lightly for mowing the last 4-5 years, worked great, kept me cooler and reduced the number of sinus infections from 1-3 a year to 1 every 3-5 years.
This year I have used some the "surplus" paper masks we have just to use them up but now that it's hotter, I'm going back to the damp bandana.
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I like to use a N95 mask, the one in the picture is a good combination of effective and comfortable. 3M also has the 8210 but it fits tight and will leave impressions on your face after taking it off. Someone will be along shortly to say you should have bought a cab tractor!

Based on your post I bought a box of 3M 9211+ masks, which are the same as in your photo, except they have exhale valve in the middle.

After mowing a field yesterday with one of these 9211+ masks I have no use for the rest of them.

They are little too small for average size face, they tickle anyone who has a beard and the rubber bands are little too tight!

Good N95 filtration and no safety glass fogging!


I will go back to using 3M 8511 (or 8210V) masks and live with occasional lens fogging.


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I used a RZ mask and it helped a lot. It was hot and not the best comfort but i didn't sneeze all day.
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A lot of ignorance in some of these replies as well as medical advice that is unsound as well as politically motivated comments concerning the wearing of masks. All together here, about the only negative I have not seen is "It doesn't look cool." The fine particles that are in the sort of dust our equipment is capable of producing can get deep into the lungs if not filtered out of the air you are breathing. Taking drugs to counteract the effects of the dust does not remove what gets into your lungs. While that may counteract the reaction to the irritants and allergens that does not clear the particles from deep in your lungs. Fine particulate matter in the lungs can take months for your body to clear out, and I have read a study that the finest particles can take a year or more. If you are working fields that have had any chemicals applied to them add that to the hazard. And if you are or have been a smoker that just makes wearing a filter mask even more important.
The North Safety NSP770030M 7700 mask I mentioned in an earlier post in this thread allows free breathing even when doing strenuous work and after the first few minutes you do not realize you have it on.. until you taker it off and have take the first inhale in a dusty spot.
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I've used this in severe dusty conditions with great success

Israeli Gas Mask