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Oct 18, 2005
Catt county New York
Kioti DK35, Ford 8N, Oliver Cletrac
The boot on the FEL control on my tractor has gone from nice and smooth to nice and sticky. It looks like someone covered it with honey and if you touch it, your hand comes away with black goo on it.
Is this a common problem or do I have a unique machine.
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Not sure if it's common on these tractors, however it sounds like a case of unvulcanized rubber and heat.

Unvulcanized rubber becomes soft and sticky in warm weather and when heated to higher temps (I beleive over 300deg) the rubber can decompose as it gives off small amounts of isoprene and eventually forms the 'black sticky goo'.

This can be caused by a few different things, however I would check for excessive heat during operation or if it's coming into contact with any fluids.

Either way I would replace it, you will want to try and figure out the cause if possible. Mainly to see if this is related to a larger issue or just age or storage conditions.

Good Luck!
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I've only seen rubber do that when exposed to oil. My platform floor rubber beneath the loader QCs is soft, but not sticky, due to a leaky QD fitting that has long been sealed up. There shouldn't be any oil on your boot though since the loader handle only pulls cables remote to the hydraulics.
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ToadHill said:
Is this a common problem or do I have a unique machine.
Hasn't happened to mine yet. (2001 model)
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DK35vince said:
Hasn't happened to mine yet. (2001 model)
Its economic pressure. Theyre making the boots cheaper these days and still selling them for outrageous prices. The one on my 2yr old Mahindra is sticky. $20 for replacement.:mad:
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Mine is not sticky. Seems to be of good quality vulcanized rubber to me. But, then I haven't spilled anything on it yet.

Now those FEL hydraulic line caps are another story: very poor quality rubber, all cracked and brittle from day one. Disintegrated within the first month of ownership. I'm glad I don't ever take my loader off.

Funny how those are such poor quality, yet the ones for the rear remotes are extremely nice. I've been looking for that type to put on my John Deere, but can't find them for sale. Had to settle for the pacifier looking ones.