Finally building a tower blind

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Let the location determine the height. I have three box stands and have helped friends build several. These box stands range from 5 to 11 foot floor height. I take a ten foot step ladder to the location and move it to different spots to determine the location and floor height.

Took the ladder out last week to do just that. I was glad I did. I found that the original location I had planned wouldn't work as it would have had to be at least 18 foot tall. The current location I have planned is going to be 8 feet tall and could actually probably get by with 6'. I started today and was able to get the floor and tower finished. Should be ready to start framing the walls tomorrow.I ran 2x8's for the rim joists and 2x6's for the floor joists.

**Missed my on center mark which is the reason for the extra 2x6 floor joist. Screws stripped out when trying to fix it so it was easier to just add another.


Floor joists are screwed into the rim joists and then ran an extra ledger board under the floor joists.



Got the tower built and cross-braced. Used 4x6's for the posts. Tower is 7x7 so the blind will overhang 1.5' on each end of the blind since I'm building it 10'x7'


4x6's were notched so that the 2x8's would rest on the notches. It will then be bolted to the 4x6 posts.


Used some fork extensions on the tractor to lift the tower back off of the floor and then flip the floor right side up. Ready to start framing the walls.




Had some extra help for a little while today.



Quick question for you guys. I'm starting to second guess myself on only using a single 2x8 for the rim joists instead of a double. Do you think this will be sufficient? The total span between the posts is just under 7' on center. If not, I have the tower boxed around the outside of the posts with 2x6's top and bottom, both above and below the cross bracing. I could move the 2x6 to the inside of the tower posts and butt them up underneath the floor joists. These would basically serve as and extra beam underneath the floor joists. Opinions?
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I was able to start framing and standing up some of the walls today. I had a pretty good amount of 8' - 2x6's already on hand so I'm making the walls out of 2x6's.



Had some more help today. Diesel decided to hang out for awhile. It ended up costing me about a half hour of work. I couldn't find my ear muffs and after 25 minutes walking in circles, I finally found them by the door. Diesel carried them off when I wasn't looking.

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WOW looking good!
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Thanks Wayne,

all of the walls are up now. I'm ready to start siding the blind next. I hauled the tower out of the shop and got it moved to the hunting site to make some more room. I used my fork extensions to lay the tower over. Then I was able to lift it and simply back onto the trailer with the tower.

I'm hoping to get the blind sided and everything but the roof finished up soon so I can break it down and get everything moved to the site. My plan is to flip the floor and tower upside down. Bolt the tower to the floor, then stand it right side up and drop it into the holes. Hopefully I'll at least get the tower and floor up next week so I can get the holes dug and concrete in before it gets too cold here in the Midwest. Since the walls will be sided and basically finished other than the trim, the onsite build should only take a day or maybe two in order to get the roof done.




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I made some good progress the last couple of days. I was able to get the blind sided, tower set in the ground and concrete in. Walls went up today.

I found my first rookie carpenter mistake when siding the blind. I framed everything 16" on center but forgot to take into account the width of the adjacent walls. Luckily the blind is only 7' wide and the shorter end walls set inside the outer walls. Made for an easy fix. Just had to shift the butt joint of the siding a bit and cut the excess off of each corner instead of just one. I sided the entire blind then drilled the corners of the windows and door, marked the edges, then cut the windows out with a skill saw.



Setting the tower went as easy as expected. We set the floor upside down on the trailer, then lifted the tower with forks and set in place on the floor. Posts were bolted, then the floor and tower positioned by the holes and laid on its side as one piece. We used the forks again to lift the tower upright and drop into the holes. Put 300lbs of concrete around each post which really made the tower solid after it set.



I was able to get the trusses built this morning then moved to the site to set the walls. I used some heavy eye bolts through the top plates of the walls, two per wall, to use as lifting points. Couldn't find any lifting bolts but the eye bolts were heavy duty and rated for over 2,000 lbs each so I wasn't too concerned. I drilled some holes in the ends of the fork extensions to put a couple of hooks to grab the eye bolts. Setting the walls went as planned, however if the tower had been about 6 inches taller it we wouldn't have been able to set them directly on the tower. The forks were at their max with only a couple of inches to spare. Windows went in today as well. Now I need to work on the roof and get everything trimmed out.





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Also, on a side note, I don't know if many of you shop Menard's but I've been able to find a lot of American made product at Menard's. Some of the items for this build included the windows, deck screws, carpenters square, line level, and truss plates.


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You are making my box stands look bad:)
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Should be able to sit 4. Three easily. I've got three kids ages 3, 6, and 7. My 6 and 7 year old are now showing interest in going so the plan was to make it big enough to eventually take all three if they wanted to go.

My daughter went with me for the first time last month during rifle season. She made it about 45 minutes before she got too cold. Now that she knows I'm building a blind she's ready to go again. Muzzle loader season opens here on Dec. 17th so I'm hoping to get the roof on this week.

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I'm planning on working on the roof this week. My plan was to use metal roof panels but have questions about condensation. Since I plan on using a space heater inside I'm wondering if I'm going to have to worry about condensation on the inside of the roof? Any suggestions on the proper way to install the metal panels and prevent condensation or is this something I need to worry about at all? Would insulating the inside prevent this? Suggestions and tips appreciated. Thanks.