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Jan 13, 2011
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I've always heard that oil filter gaskets can sometimes stick to the engine and result in oil leaks because of having two gaskets. As a result, I carefully check to make sure the old filter has it's gasket or that there's no gasket on the engine before I install the filter. In 50 years, I've never had a gasket come off the filter. This weekend I was doing an oil change on a Kohler 26hp engine and got in a hurry. Started it up and oil went everywhere. Finally I had a gasket stick to the engine and that was one I didn't check. Message - don't get complacent. At least I found it right away and not when the engine blew up.
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Good advice. I haven't done that, (yet) but I did pinch a zip-tie tail in once.
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Welcome aboard!

Have you also done the "pour the oil in when you haven't replaced the drain plug" yet?

In 30 years I've only had the stuck gasket happen once (sort of, it was exactly me doing it). A young coworker, right from India, is always trying to save money so I told him he could use my garage, tools and I kidded him that I would teach him how be an American "real man" that changes his own oil.

I taught him alright, but forgot the part about checking that the old gasket doesn't stick to the car. When he started the car back up oil went everywhere. Then he had to "hot swap" the filter, while working in the puddle, and add more oil. That was a "little messy". The droplets on the exhaust pipes smoked most of his ride home. I can't figure out why he's never been back.
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It happened to me once. I had an employee change the oil in my New Holland TC45. It held for a few minutes, and luckily I was in the seat when it blew, and I was able to kill the engine within seconds, so no damage.

Every time I see someone changing oil, I remind them to check for the gasket. And then, run the engine for a few minutes watching for any leaks, before going off to work.
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I did it once about 35 years ago on a customers car. Durn thing didn't blow until 2/3 of the way through the test drive. I would have let them have it without a test drive if the flex plate we had ordered hadn't come in before they picked it up. A test drive was warranted since I had the transmission out to replace that. When the gasket blew, the oil was hitting the exhaust and igniting the grass. When I got out of the car and saw the fire under it I cranked it up and pulled forward. Yep, more fire followed me. Second time I left it off and pushed the car until there was no more fire underneath. Not one of my better days as an auto tech. It didn't do any damage to the car other than having to clean the engine and replace the oil filter and lost oil so I got very lucky. I think it was only a quart low because I shut it down fast but it's amazing how much of a mess a quart can make.
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I had two Freightliners and my daughter of 5 at the time was 'helping' me change oil in one of them. I forgot to put the drain plug back and only realized it 7 gallons in on the refill calling for 9 gallons. Off to TruckPro..... She's now 21 and i miss those days regardless of how much i added to my carbon footprint. :)
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Yep, one time in over 40 years, the wife's car at that. She shut it off quickly & a good Samaritan took her to get another filter & some oil, plus he changed it out & made sure everything was OK.

It dosen't pay to get in a hurry.

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Have had it happen, but always catch it. Its like second nature to me to look at the old filter and see if the gasket is still on it.

Have went to fill oil and forgot the drain plug one time as well. But that was years ago. But what gets me alot more than the oil, is forgetting to close the radiator drain valve and starting to fill it with coolant:mur
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Complacency is your worst enemy and I am a victim of it. Was doing an oil change on my 1998 Tacoma, crawled under it, grabbed a wrench and drained all the tranny fluid out. Of course I did not have any to replace it with, since it went into a dirty used oil container, so I called the neighrbors and begged for a ride to the auto parts store for new tranny fluid. Not too upset because a tranny oil change is good, but it had been done just 2 months prior and certainly did not need it again LOL
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Did the no drain plug once on my BX tractor. That was 15 years ago and I am still paranoid about doing it again-I triple check every time now!