Finally.... LS scan tool!

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They don't have one for my tractor.

Does yours have a standard 16 pin OBD2 connector under the column shrouds? My MT240 does and a cheap code reader for a car works great for reading/clearing codes. Has a lot of pids in the live data menu too.
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I am sure many will appreciate a scanner specific to to our tractors! Here is a link:

I haven't looked into what the scanner will do yet. Apparently it comes with the adapter from the 6 pin to the 9 pin.

There is a 'pull down' menu to select models.
In the "pull down" menu, it list P7010.

P7010 is a mechanical injection, EGR engine. No ECU. No DEF. No Regen. I am aware of no electronic control modules on a P7010. What would this device do for a P7010 owner? Unless I do not know the in's and out's of my tractor and missed something.

   / Finally.... LS scan tool!
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Don't know why it's listed..... I don't have any use for it either....

Just found this and posted forward for those needing....