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Aug 6, 2007
Spokane, WA
Kubota MX5000 4x4
I just got my lights installed, both front and rear. With my new Wells Ag canopy, they were easy to do and it turned out very clean. I don't have any exposed wires due to the flexible plastic conduit that I ran along the side of the ROPS.

I haven't seen what kind of light they produce at night but with two in each direction, it should be great.

I have them switched independently. I got the switches at Napa and wired them directly to the battery with an inline fuse. The lights are from Harbor Freight and I'm not too sure they are going to last very long, but we'll see.

Here are some photos.



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Nice job. I built some nice metal mounting boxes to protect the lights when I mount them on the back of the ROPS. Put the lights on then lost the switch I bought from NH (this was 3 years ago). I finally found the switch so hopefully when I am able to start doing some more work I am going to run the wires so I can actually use the lights:D
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Looks great, good job. Those switches look like the ones with an LED built in. I used cheap lights from Walmart a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised to find replacement bulbs available last month. Are they sealed halogen lights? 35w? or 50w?.
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They are a 55 watt light (not sealed). They are pretty cheap lights. I did a nice install so if the lights don't last, I can easily replace them.

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Hammy, nice job.

Great looking set-up, with chains on all 4 tires you are ready for some major traction.
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SkunkWerX said:
Hammy, nice job.

Great looking set-up, with chains on all 4 tires you are ready for some major traction.
Nice job on the lights. The snow looks cold when the outside gets to looking like that at my house I just dont come out until it is gone :)
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Hammy, are you using the spreader for sand? Nice to have lights, isn't it?
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Yes the spreader is for sand. It works pretty good and has been a lifesaver so far. I did find out that I needed to screen the sand first because the spreader doesn't like to mess with big rocks.

The only issue is that I do have to bounce the 3ph a little to get the sand flowing every once in a while.

And yes it is nice to have lights. Just having the ability to go out after dark and work if need be. We just had a big snow storm hit us and we were without power for 5 days. I usually plow with my 4wheeler but 18" of snow at once was a little too much for it to handle. We would have been buried in without the tractor, chains, and sander. My wife no longer complains about how expensive it all was. Now I just need a rear blade...