Ford 1700 4x4 front tires

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Do you still have the old rims? Please respond to my email

I don’t have my 1700 anymore. I have a 1920 now. Only replaced the tires on the 1700 rims were good. Replaced rims on the back of the 1920 due to a leak in a tube from calcium chloride.
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Here might be a good place to start hunting for Ford 1700 parts.

Tractor House FORD 1700 Farm Equipment Dismantled Machines

It is quite possible there would be other tractors like the 1715 that could share parts.

The first tractor in that list appears to have both industrial and AG tires, although I think it was first posted quite some time ago, so they could be gone.

As far as tires, I've wondered about using vintage military tires with the center rib. Perhaps it would help the tractor steer better without side-slipping.