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Jan 26, 2007
Coyote Flats,Tx
JD 4255/Kubota M7040 HDC
New pto clutch & new control valve was installed several yrs ago but pto was only used a few times then tractor was used as a dedicated tractor to pull a wheel rake. Now after being attached to JD 467 rd baler pto started slipping after baling 8 rd bales. Same rd baler was used last year on a Kubota M7040 & JD 4255. Hyd filter was changed on 6700 before attaching to baler. I advised tractor owner to get a hyd gauge & check to determine if hyd pressure is close to 2100 psi.
Thanks in advance for any ideas, Jim
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I would be more interested in pressure to PTO/dual power circuit than main hydraulics. Different pump section and different circuit entirely. Should be at least 150 PSI. 160 - 180 is expected.
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Thank you for your reply. I agree with you since I've given this more thought. Can you direct me where to view parts diagram to view hyd/pto pump on NH parts site? I've looked under heading of hyd's & trans & can't locate the pump.