1. B

    Ford 930A finish mower blades "60inch"

    I am trying to find replacement blades for my new to me 930A. I have the blades with me, unfortunately the mower is 30 miles away. I thought this would be a pretty easy exercise but.... The blades I took off, when observing them from the bottom would cut in a counter clockwise rotation. The...
  2. C

    Ford 1710 won’t start after rebuild

    I just got done rebuilding my motor: new pistons, rings, and bearings. Reason for rebuild was a spun rod bearing. Other than that, the engine was running good. I didn’t do anything with the head or injectors, but I did put a new head gasket on. I put a new fuel filter on and tried to bleed...
  3. Justadudewithatractor

    Ford 1220 Three Point not holding

    Hi and again, thanks in advance, The three point lifts and operates almost as should, but as soon as I turn the tractor off, the three point lowers to the ground with the lever in the up position. There's a trim mower on the back at the moment and it never did this. I'm thinking there might be...
  4. Justadudewithatractor

    Suggestions for a Bush Hog for Ford 1220

    Hi and thanks in advance, I'm in the market for a used bush hog for a Ford 1220 and was wondering if there is a preferable size for this tractor. I'll be cutting about 23 acres of pasture. Thanks!
  5. smclaughlin81

    Ford NH 2120 oil dripping from valve cover tube

    Afternoon everyone, I have a 1996 Ford NH 2120, under 900 hours, starts right up, runs good, has plenty of power. The other day I was grading my driveway and had stopped to pickup some rocks. When I got back on, I happened to look down on the right side on the ground and saw a small puddle...
  6. C

    Ford 1710 won’t move in neutral

    Hello, I have a Ford 1710 and I just finished rebuilding the engine. The tractor is back together and it won’t move while in neutral and I can’t shift all the gears. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’m sure I missed something and I’m hoping someone can point me in the...
  7. T

    Ford 9N no fire at any plug

    Ford 9n with no fire. Coil is good, all parts in distributor replaced , points set to spec. Still no fire at any plug. Took distributor off running tractor and put it on this one, still no fire at any plug. Somehow it seems that the issue is upstream from the coil but can’t figure it out. Any...
  8. Tx Jim

    Ford 6700 pto problem

    New pto clutch & new control valve was installed several yrs ago but pto was only used a few times then tractor was used as a dedicated tractor to pull a wheel rake. Now after being attached to JD 467 rd baler pto started slipping after baling 8 rd bales. Same rd baler was used last year on a...
  9. R

    Ford 555C boom/dipper

    Hi, I'm new to the site. I did find a post related to my concern and did reply to it but the post is 4 years old and have not received a reply yet so I figured I would ask the question again. I just purchased a Ford 555C in great condition. I am having an issue with the backhoe. I can combine...
  10. O

    Loader In Free Fall, Ford 770A

    Pushed the loader control lever forward and it releases, free float to back drag. Problem is, no release.... had to back all the way to the tool area. Any solution ideas?
  11. T

    1985 ford 4110

    Help, I am trying to identify what I have, the guy I bought it from said it was a 1985 ford 535, but the numbers say something else. The numbers are stamped kd4110 or b, 8e05 d or 8, c782315. I am trying to fix this unit up and I am not sure what manuals or parts to get. Please help! Thanks, Tim
  12. M

    1974 Ford 2000 front end loader

    I have a 1974 ford 2000 tractor and I’m looking for loaders that will fit. I saw that the Ford 771 and 772 fit. But, I was wonder if and other brands or series will fit?
  13. JasperFrank

    Having issues with 1987 Ford 1220 radiator fan.

    A few weeks a go, my radiator fan was shattered from what I believe to have been a stick that got up there. These are cheap yet, difficult to replace as you have to take the radiator out, things are tight and have to be done in a specific sequence. Completed the replacement of the fan...
  14. D

    Ford 7740 steel mudguards to plastic fenders

    Hi can anyone tell me if i can convert my 1995 Ford 7740 with steel mudguards to the later (1998) plastic fenders and were can i buy them?
  15. O

    Woods RD 7200 on a Ford NAA

    Has anyone used a Woods RD 7200 with a 1954 Ford NAA? To hook them together, I had to point the pins towards each other because the lift arms do not spread far enough otherwise. Because of that, I can't figure out how to attach stabilizer bars. Is there something weird about the NAA that makes...
  16. '52 8N

    Grading scraper for Ford 1920

    Hi,. I am looking to purchase a grading scraper and try to decide which size would be most beneficial. Looking at Land Pride GS1260 and GS1272. The 60 is roughly 2200 and the 72 is roughly 2500, so only $300 difference. Would be used to level out a little bit of dirt - about 1 1/2 acre and...
  17. M

    Ford 2000 relief valve enquiry

    Long time reader / first time poster...! I am in the process of rebuilding my Ford 2000 top lid and I believed I had ordered correct parts. So far everything has been a 1 for 1 likeness..Until today. I removed the pressure relief valve from the bottom of the hydraulic case and compared to the...
  18. Justadudewithatractor

    Parts identification assist, please, for a 1988 Ford 1220 Hydraulic line

    Hello All, Please accept my thanks in advance. I'm working on a Ford 1220 and found a leak in the hydraulics. It's a "step-down" on what I believe is the return line from the power steering back into the hydraulic compartment under the seat. The tractor was gushing hydraulic fluid and when I...
  19. A

    Ford 5640 lift arms

    The lift arms will not go up .I bought this tractor used they never have worked they tapped in to the hydraulics to add a front end loader I took the loader off and just used use the tractor. Does any body have an answer to why the lift arms will not work.
  20. C

    Ford/NH 2120 Hydraulic troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting main/loader hydraulics on 2120. Pressure should be around 2500. Did pressure test with gauge and pressure shoots up to about 2000 for a second, and then settles down to 1200 after 2-3 seconds. What would cause this? Weak pump, or internal leak in one of the cylinders or in the...
  21. D

    1973 Ford 4000 Diesel Showing Hot

    Recently the temp gauge has been moving all the way to hot and staying there. Pulled radiator with intent to replace thermostat that might be sticking. Found that there was no thermostat in place. Since had one to ready to replace went ahead and installed it. Ran tractor again with same results...
  22. N

    Ford 1710 injector pump

    Hi i have a 1710 that is not delivering fuel to one of my cylinders. I traced it back to the pump. I disconnected the high pressure line and ran the starter. Nothing came out. I did the same with the next line and it was pushing fuel ok. Taking the plate off, i saw that all the springs were in...
  23. Keutz112

    3-Point Hitch  Length(s) of stock top link cylinder on my Ford 1910??

    I'm shopping hydraulic top-links for my Ford 1910. Seems some measurements are what I need - no problem. However, I'm now noticing a large "Made in Korea" stamping on the manual top link I currently have on the tractor and thinking "hmmm, prolly not stock..." Plus, it's not blue! When...
  24. R

    Ford 1720 help on 3pt lift

    Hi everyone. Ive got an issue with this Ford 1720. Its a 2WD. It does not have a loader. Its a 1991 model. It has been a sweet little tractor for around the house and small bushhogging. Weve owned it a couple years now and no problems. Till Saturday. I used the tractor probably the longest its...
  25. W

    My first tractor, 1951 Ford 8n

    My history with this tractor goes back to around 1969. I was 5 years old and it was owned by our neighbor across the street. He was fairly well off financially, having the top union job at the largest employer in our town. He didn’t own a lot of land, less than 3 acres, but he went top notch...
  26. T

    1920 ford

    Can I buy telescopic stabilizers to fit 1920 Ford tractor? Not sure where to ask this question
  27. G

    Ford 7410 loader on a Ford 6600 Tractor?

    Greetings, I have been on the hunt for a loader for my 6600. Today, I found a 7410 loader that's on a 4630 Tractor. The bolting pattern looks similar in the pictures. Any idea if the bolt patterns are the same between these two tractors? Thanks for looking.
  28. B

    Seat for 1720 ford tractor

    Can someone tell me the correct part number for replacement seat on my tractor the one I order is too narrow my fat behind can't fit in it
  29. adnedidas

    Ford 5000 gasket

    Look at the white circle I marked on head and block. I can't find any gasket anywhere that doesn't restrict those 4 oil/water flow holes. Is this normal that those 4 holes are block by the gasket?
  30. T

    Ford 1715 - 3 cylinder diesel

    Helping a friend with a Ford 1715 (Shibaura ?) 3 cylinder diesel. While chasing another problem, we dropped the water separator bowl. Of course that put air into the fuel system. We were able to bleed #1 and #2 at the injector, but we can not get #3 to work (clearly NOT injecting as cracking...
  31. gmk5150

    ford 2n clutch

    i have a 1944 ford 2 n my issue is cant get into gear Just grinds Tried adjusting no also has a sherman trans .. I did notice leaver coming trans that clutch rod connects.. U can only move leaver 1 to 2 inches Any idea it struck or shot...btw im 80 yrs old...not lookng...
  32. gmk5150

    ford 2n clutch

    i have a 1944 ford 2 n my issue is cant get into gear Just grinds Tried adjusting no also has a sherman trans .. I did notice leaver coming trans that clutch rod connects.. U can only move leaver 1 to 2 inches Any idea it struck or shot...btw im 80 yrs old...not lookng...
  33. V

    Bush Hog/Freeman 4000 loader mounts for a 1970 Ford 4000 3cyl diesel mounts needed

    Good morning everyone, So I have acquired a Freeman 4000 loader for my tractor but it did not come with any mounting brackets so before I tried to make them horribly I wanted to see if anyone on the forums happened to have some or all the pieces needed tucked in a corner of their garage or...
  34. Flemo

    Ford 4000 power steering

    Gday I am working on a Ford 4000 with a power steering assist Ram on it the owner pulled it off and took it to the local shop to repair leaks when he got it back it didnt leak but oil gets very hot within 30 minutes too hot too touch! I have played around with adjustment and it all works well...
  35. L

    Ford tn75 fwd/reversor

    anybody here had problems with a Case IH 1075 c forward reverser intermittent operation. believe the ford New holland TN75 is the same tractor rebadged. wondering is there's been any common known past failures ie sensor solenoid etc
  36. D

    4DL battery

    My battery is dieing and I'm having trouble finding a 4DL battery. Is a 4DLT the same? I'm not sure it will fit under the hood...
  37. K

    1985 ford 555a backhoe Key Cylinder wiring

    Does anyone have a copy or can send me a copy of the Key cylinder diagram on the tractor listed above, TIA, ken
  38. Hysyde

    Need a head for a Ford 1210

    As per the thread title, anyone know of a decent source, preferably in Canada? Current head is cracked. The tractor's in decent shape otherwise (with a loader), and I was planning on selling it and buying a new tractor (25-25 CUT or a light-commercial TLB like a B21-26). I'd hate to write it...
  39. M

    My ford 4000

    My hood says Ford 4000, the stamp on the block is COMM 6015J, the stamp below the battery is 960 44043. Is a diesel, not sure what I have??? Please help, want to rebuild it.
  40. Jarrett

    Ford 6.9 idi vs 7.3 idi vs 7.5L/460

    I'm looking for experience and opinions. I'm in the market for another truck. I'm wanting an F250 or F350 srw from 1980-1994 with either the 6.9 or 7.3 idi diesel, or 7.5L/460 gasser and manual transmission. I may consider a 460 gasser up to their end in 1997. I don't want a powerstroke. I know...
  41. K

    Ford 3415 Starter/ fusible link blown

    We had our tractor battery clicking, and went to charge it.. was dark and connected it backwards. Quick sparks and smoke from below the starter - where the loop end of the fusible link is connected. It looks like, replacing this cord is the first line of action? There don't seem to be many...
  42. G

    Ford 1700 - 3 point lift control loose on the way up

    Hi! I have an old Ford 1700. Recently, the control arm for the 3pt lift has been "slipping" up. Messing around with it, it goes down with resistance, but when I pull on it, it moves pretty easily, which means if you hit a bump, it will lift the 3pt arms, which makes grading really annoying...
  43. M

    Ford 1910 Starting problems

    My 1910 problems began with hard starting and a surging idle. It would have a rough idle followed by a high rev and back to a rough idle or just die. I had just began building my my shop and the tractor problems were put on the back burner, That was a year and a half ago. Shop is done and the...
  44. K

    Adding remote hydraulics to my Ford 4610LCG to run a batwing mower.

    Hello. Looking for advice on what to buy to add remote hydraulics to the rear of my Ford 4610LCG to lift/lower the decks on a batwing mower. Needs to have a float position. Thank you in advance!
  45. T

    Ford 907 idler pulley assembly

    The 907 flail mower I got doesn't have any of the idler pulley bracket, arm or spring. I've bought a new belt and pulley. My question is can I skip the whole spring and arm and just make an adjustable bracket for the pulley to mount to. I would make it with slots to manually adjust the belt...
  46. R

    Ford 1600 4x4

    having trouble finding sba 326240160 13t pinion for front end. its nla, so looking for suggestion of places to find a used one. any help??
  47. M

    ford 4500 backhoe

    just got a ford 4500 diesel backhoe. wanting to change oil to start i don't know what oil they were running in it. i believe it may have been regular 10-40w conventional oil. should i stick to that or should i put in something like shell rotella or mobile delvac?
  48. D

    Ford 3000 diesel fuel injectors

    I have a 1965 Ford 3000 diesel tractor. I bought new fuel injectors and noticed that the tops are shorter .the old ones tops are removable and have a spring in them. Did I get the wrong ones?
  49. Oregon2023

    Ford 5030 trying to locate hydraulic screen / jerky hydraulics

    I've got a Ford 5030 shuttle shift that is having an issue with the hydraulics I can't seem to figure out. The transmission shifts great, and the power steering works tolerably. The loader and 3-point hydraulic are very slow and jerky. The loader runs off the rear remotes supplied by the engine...
  50. U

    FORD 555 (B?) Loader/Backhoe drive issues.. Takes a long time to get moving. What is causing this?

    Ford 555B Loader Backhoe takes a long time to get moving. If anyone has answers that'd be cool. If the tractor is cold, even when put into forward, and with the rpms raised (or not, doesn't matter).. doesn't move. I've watched my father sit on this thing for 10 or 15 mins waiting on it to...
  51. T

    Outlet for Ford 907 bearings

    I just got, for free, a Ford 907 6 foot flail mower that sat outside for about 20 years untouched. All the bearings are shot and the whole idler wheel assembly is missing. Where is my best outlet for helping me find these things? Thank you
  52. B

    1993 Ford 7740 Cab Warning Decal

    I am needing to re-create this decal for someone, Does any one have a good photo of the missing bits? Thanks, Bill
  53. T

    1972 Ford 5000 - transmission shift lever cover

    I just replaced the neutral safety switch. Hardest part of the job was getting the cover back on and everything aligned properly and keeping the darn gasket in place (and clean). I have the bolts snugged down and verified that the new switch works. The old one was intermittent, so hopefully...
  54. Paystar

    My Ford On TV

    Got a smile this morning. Watching This Week In AgriBusiness on RFD-TV and there's my Ford and my puppies on Max's Tractor Shed! 853560
  55. A

    TC40DA Hydraulic fill plug

    Hi all, Lost my hydraulic fill plug today when slashing some hairy grass on the neighbours place. The part is SBA398430560 which would be easy as pie to get if I was in the USA. However I'm in Australia and I can't get it easily...
  56. F

    Front-End Loader  Adding a loader to a Ford 4000

    Greetings everyone! I have a 1965 Ford 4000 tractor that I've owned for the past 15 years, and it has served me quite well. I use it for snow removal / driveway maintenance, and I've always wanted to add a loader and need some help to get there. What make/model should I be looking for? Thanks!
  57. A

    Ford TW30

    A friend of mine is looking at buy a TW30 and has asked me to do some research, can anybody tell me what in particular I need to be looking at, common problems. The tractor has 3500 hours and has been kept in fairly good condition (visually), has rear single tires in excellent shape, cab with...
  58. Jrusche

    Ford 2600 Fluid change

    Looking to change all the fluids in Ford 2600. I can not seem to find where all the drain plugs are. I have a IT Ford Shop manual but cant find where they explain where to change it. Im sure its something simple. Any help would be great.
  59. EdGooding

    Moving Sale - Vintage Ford Tractor Parts and Accessories for '48-64 Ford Tractors

    A friend of mine in Indiana is downsizing and relocating. He has the following parts listed in the Cincinnati Craigslist: Ford 1 3/8” PTO pulley. $200. Several 1 1/8” PTO pulleys, with/without buzz saw bracket and/or adapter extension. $50-$75. Ford dual wheel spacers with adapters. Fits...
  60. MaineFord

    Ford 1910 blown head gasket: K-Seal or not?

    Hi everyone — I searched for “k-seal” and “blue devil” and “head gasket seal” and didn’t get results so asking here: My 1910 has been running hot (the line just below max after 10-15 minutes) and needing antifreeze. Today I gave it some very light duty and it went to max temp, and started...
  61. F

    New holland ts110 24x24 won't shift

    The turtle lights on the dash push button will not shift up. Was told could be the rabbit button or the solenoid which I can't find them.. Any ways to test this stuff?
  62. Herbertneedshelp

    Tank level for gravity feed

    I have a Ford 345D and I just replaced the water separator and the fuel filter. (Water separator had a chip at the top, very very slowly letting in air) my question is: I put it back together and the fuel isn’t gravity feeding into the separator. There is only 5 gallons, maybe 4 in the tank, is...
  63. Palpater

    Ford 555 3cyl diesel acting up

    It will start fine cold but after warming up it will not restart without a shot of either. Runs fine until I shut it off and then then it just turns over trying to restart. Any help much appreciated.
  64. Palpater

    Ford Backhoe Serial decode request

    Hi Folks, I’m new here and recently became the owner of an older Ford backhoe, 3-cyl diesel. I am having difficulty finding a replacement starter. Part of the problem is I am not too sure year and model. I am wondering if someone can help me decode my serial# and provide the model and year...
  65. S

    Ford 4500 I think

    OK folks I am officially the proud owner of a Ford 4500 picked it up for two grand after parts paying a mechanic to help me get it started and he also had a big ass truck and trailer to help me get it home a new starter and solenoid. I’m into it for three grand, I will send some pictures. You...
  66. B

    Looking for a Ford tractor 711 one arm loader

    Good evening all, I am not sure I am in the right forum, but here goes. Several years ago, I purchased a Ford 2000 Tractor, with a Bush Hog and a Ford 711 one arm loader, non manuel dump. While the tractor was in being serviced and repaired, the Hog, Bucket, and Front End Loader were stolen...
  67. CHerlihey

    Diagnose my ford 8n

    Its been like this a few years, can't do much with it, A few years ago it was overheating when bush-hogging, and its been kinda just started and moved here and there while I think of how to fix it over the past couple years. Thought it might be wires, changed them, made it better but still an...
  68. GT-

    Brake Rod Seal on Ford 3910, Gear Oil

    I have to replace a brake rod seal on a 1985 Ford 3910 and I went to look at the gear oil level plug and it looks like it has some kind of whatchamacallit threaded in to it. Is this is some kind of bleeder that I can use to check oil level without having to remove the whole thing? In other posts...
  69. Kirby7887

    Ford 1710 4wd Front axle

    I have have a decently big problem on my hands. I checked my front axle oil and there wasn’t a drop of oil in it. That has probably been running like that for a while. For the people who know these tractors where could these axles leak? Seems to be just wet by the drain plug? What oil is a good...
  70. N

    Backhoe Brake Master Cylinder Replacement and Bleed - Ford New Holland 555E

    Hey ya'll I'm back with another DIY farm repair, this time replacing the master cylinders on my 1998 555E backhoe. When we bought it the brakes were okay but a little spongey and after a bit they stopped working. We bought a pair of rebuilt master cylinders online and swapped them out ourselves...
  71. hotrodharry

    Ford Diesel 1215 4x4

    Ford Diesel 1215 4x4. Great running and looking tractor. Everything works including all lights! Included with the tractor is a extensive repair/service manual, belly mount mower, 3 point mower (not a brush hog), 3 point rake, & 3 point back blade. Asking $7500.00 for the package. Would sell...
  72. B

    Interchangeable (Part Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  73. B

    Interchangeable (Parts Compatibility) with Ford / John Deere / Kubota

    Does anyone know if any Ford 1710 tractor engine parts are interchangeable with a John Deere or even a Kubota, and if so what models of John Deere or Kubota tractor are compatible with a Ford 1710 . I know the tractor was made in Japan and I believe the John Deere was also. I was curious if that...
  74. D

    Ford New Holland 914 54" Mid-Mount Mower

    Ford New Holland Mid-Mount Side Discharge Mower and Brackets from a TC21D. Rebuilt the mower deck with new bearings, seals, and blades...then my wife bought a zero turn mower for me so I don't use it. Great mower for someone who is looking for a VERY solid MMM for their tractor. Should fit...
  75. Old Grunt

    1982 Ford 4x4 Diesel F-1500 - New Hampshire (SOLD)

    I have a lightly used 1982 FORD F-1500 4x4 diesel tractor with the original Ford 770 loader and a late 90’s Woods 750 backhoe with the 15” bucket. The tractor has a manual 4 over 4 transmission, four reverse speeds and 12 forward speeds. You can see the tractor, loader and, backhoe specs at the...
  76. wirlybird

    '69 Ford 3000 Fuel Filet Bleeder Screw/Bolt

    HI all, Got a 1969 Ford 3000 diesel. One of the bleeder "bolts" on the fuel filter bracket stripped out the threads on the housing. I can tap this out to a 3/8-24 but do I need a special bolt with holes in it for the bleeder to work ok? For now I am just going to add a 1/2 inch 3/8-24 bolt so...
  77. J

    Starter problem 4600 Ford

    Broke the round metal housing piece off of the starter that encases the shaft and gear that engages to flywheel on a 4600 Fordgas burner, there isn't anyplace for this to go but down below flywheel. Will this piece cause problems if left in there? Will it rest in the bottom and stay out of harms...
  78. C

    Clutch pedal not returning to top position

    I'm new to large farm tractors, so please go easy on me. I bought a Ford 8600 back in August of this year. One of the rear remotes hydraulic line busted and gallons of fluid spewed out. I had to move it approx 50'-60' to get it out of the way from where the hose busted. I got sick and it...
  79. F

    Ford 800 172 engine sleeves--Overbore or Std 3.9?

    I've owned my Ford 850 for over 40 years and it was last overhauled in 1970. It ended up getting submerged in a major flood and I plan to remove block, crank, and overhaul everything. I'm looking at the sleeve/piston kits and see that there is the standard 3.90" bore kit and a 4.0" overbore...
  80. K

    Ford 800 Power Steering Pump

    I am looking for parts or an entire pump for my Ford 800. It is a Thompson Products Inc. pump model P-1072. Any help on parts or resources would be greatly appreciated.
  81. Renegade1400

    1710 Ford Hydraulics Problem

    My 1710 Ford front loader lift has no power. Actually it won't even lift without red lining the tach unless I fully raise the 3 point hitch. Then when the 3 point hitch is raised the front loader goes up whether trying to raise or lower. I have to lower the 3 point slightly to make down work...
  82. S

    Ford 4100 governor spring code

    Hi- I need help finding the governor spring code for my cav pump It has dpa numbber; 3233F641 cheers Svenn
  83. M

    1720 Injection Pump Timing

    This is my first post so I am sorry if it is a rehash. The injection pump on my 1997 New Holland 1720 started to leak fuel into the crank case. I sent it in to be rebuilt and recently got it back from the shop. It is a Zexel piston style pump in the attached picture. I was told that I could...