1. A

    BCS troubleshooting - slowed motion when implement engaged, pto lockout appears fine

    hi all, we're borrowing a sister farm's bcs at the moment that recently came back from being serviced. we're needing to do some flail mowing but there's some issue causing the bcs to move too slowly or not at all when the implement is engaged. starts fine, shifts gears fine, has clean oil, full...
  2. D

    PTO retaining plate?

    I'm looking for help identifying this part on a TYM T494. Is this something I can just replace and carry on or is this likely to include other damage? This has less than 30 hours on it, and most of it have been moving things around with pallet forks. The damage was likely caused during about 3...
  3. J

    Kubota BX 2230 motor 4WD with PTO/lift/hyd deck lift

    WELL -- here's my problem: My church bought this tractor YEARS ago as some ground is soft and it had fairly good maintenance while the older gentleman was taking care of the ground. When he got too feeble, others tried to mow etc. with it and other than the deck {concrete curb stops, curbing...
  4. G

    YT235 PTO brake?

    Can anyone tell me if the YT235 has a built-in PTO brake? I just added a Wood Maxx WM-8H chipper to the other heavy rotating implements I have and I’m concerned that the 200 pound flywheel on that unit may require the use of a PTO clutch. If it doesn’t require the use of one I’d rather keep...
  5. W

    Kioti PTO issue

    My kioti tractor had issues starting and found out it was the safety control circuit. I put a new one in and all of a sudden I can only start my tractor if my Rear pto is engaged. I have checked all fuses and even put a new safety module in just incase the other was faulty. I took my dads rear...
  6. F

    MF4707 PTO engagement issues (8’ Bushhog)

    Hello all. First time post, and no doubt from a rookie in terms of tractor technology. Will try to keep brief: - new 4707, just had 50 hour service - grappled and mowed (8’ new Hog) yesterday morning with no issues. - continue to try adjustments for Hog level and cut quality; adjusted back...
  7. F

    MF4707 PTO engagement issues (8’ Bushhog)

    Hello all. First time post, and no doubt from a rookie in terms of tractor technology. Will try to keep brief: - new 4707, just had 50 hour service - grappled and mowed (8’ new Hog) yesterday morning with no issues. - continue to try adjustments for Hog level and cut quality; adjusted back...
  8. snpower

    Woods BB48X New PTO Shield Alternative

    I need a new PTO shield for my rotary cutter; it has the Comer driveline. Messicks shows the price @ $176 for part# 1021324. I was looking for an alternative option... is there anything someone would recommend?
  9. H

    New Holland 4.105 PTO clutch

    I'm wondering if anyone has had the PTO clutch pack out of a 4.105? Any "do this" or "don't do that" sort of things one needs to be aware of?
  10. J

    John Deere 3520 pto clutch problem

    So i have 2008 3520 hydrostatic with cab and have been experiencing a problem with the rear pto. Was using my NH teader rakeand noticed it was slowing down and almost stopping on rough ground. The rake does not have a clutch so it looks like the pto clutch is slipping. I have not done any more...
  11. R

    PTO Clutch adjustment

    I have a couple clutches on implements and was wondering how folks go about adjusting theirs. On mine I use a point and shoot thermometer. I run the implement hard and see that the clutch warms up some indicating a slip. Then back down the load and see that it cools again. When my brother...
  12. D

    MF 1526 owners: Do they have a "PTO on" indicator light?

    I was looking at a new MF 1526 at a dealer today and there was no "PTO on" indicator light on the dash when the PTO was running. The dealer seemed to think it was not equipped with one which I find hard to believe. What say ye?
  13. J

    PTO Post Hole Digger

    My County Line post hole digger wants to screw itself into the ground . I am letting the lift down a small amount at a time but when it starts screwing in it will bow the 3" pipe to the point that I am afraid it is going to bend. I am running the tractor at low idle speed. Wondering if a higher...
  14. T

    Mahindra 2565 PTO temp concerns

    Ideas needed. I have a 65hp Mahndria. I think it is the largest they make. Has almost 800 hours. Ran my mower/conditioner in the hay field for about three hours. I figured that I should put the rotary rake on it as I would be needing it the next day. Problem was the PTO shaft was so hot I...
  15. M

    PTO insight for new operator

    I've had our YM342 for a week now and looking for experience and insight on PTO operation. I'm brush mowing for now with a 72" Yanmar rotary cutter (I will run an auger later). I'm only running in the 540 position, not the 540e (not sure I will every use the 540e). Manual says run engine RPM at...
  16. S

    TYM T474 pto will not stay on

    PTO will start when you push button and then shut off when released. Dealer sent me a potentiometer Assy have no idea where it goes
  17. 3

    Pto midshaft

    Hello, was wondering if anyone could help with an issue im having. Was mowing with a bushhog. Shut everthing down come out later and pto wouldnt engage. Mid shaft is turning strong and wont disengauge. Lever clicks in all 3 positions. Pto. Pto/midshaft. And mid shaft only. Iv changed both...
  18. W

    Kioti Tractor cx2510 pto issue

    My kioti tractor had issues starting and found out it was the safety control circuit. I put a new one in and all of a sudden I can only start my tractor if my Rear pto is engaged. I have checked all fuses and even put a new safety module in just incase the other was faulty. I took my dads rear...
  19. L

    Massey Ferg GC1705 PTO Fubar

    I learned an expensive lesson, the shaft connecting the brushhog to the PTO was apparently too long and when trying to move some dirt with brushhog attached, it resulted in the PTO going through the housing and hydraulic fluid everywhere. The guy that came out to try and repair said we would be...
  20. D

    JD 3032e PTO coil fault

    My 2016 3032e tractor is showing after I had to change the battery. It will crank after taking the battery cable off and putting it back on resetting the system. Giving it me this code. When u lean off seat it will turn off and not crank. It thinks the PTO is on. Anybody got any answers. Thanks
  21. B

    PTO Shaft Play

    I did a search on here with no applicable results so thought I may as well ask. I had a previous mishap where I lifted the three point hitch and put my PTO shaft into my PTO extender, extender into cover and ultimately bending the PTO shaft ever so slightly. When everything was disassembled...
  22. N

    IH 595 tractor PTO problem

    After an hour or two PTO stops working if I put tractor in reverse it will work again for awhile then stop completely if I stop the tractor for four or five hours it repeats the same cycle. Also just lately the PTO keeps turning slowly when not engaged , any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  23. 3

    4035 pto wont disengage

    My pto wont shut off on my 4035. I hooked up my bush hog today, it's the first thing I've hooked to the pto. No matter if the clutch is engaged, both switches are off, I even pulled the fuse, the pto is running full speed . I tried it use the bush hog to break it loose if it was just stuck by...
  24. John_Mc

    Flail mower for 18 HP at PTO?

    Does anyone make a decent quality flail mower that will work on a tractor with 18 HP at the PTO? A friend is looking, but I know very little about flail mowers.
  25. G

    Is your rear PTO this loud?

    First time needing to use my rear PTO on my 2022 SA424. I have searched and found only 1 other discussion on the topic which was not helpful. I also found a YT video which I think was from the same person in the post. In the thread, the salesman showed the OP that all the units on the lot...
  26. V

    Hydrostatic PTO Clutch won't disengate

    I could tell something was fishy long about my 2nd bushhog shear pin. The PTO clutch pedal won't disengage the PTO. All I've done so far is observe the clutch linkage which appears to correctly be moving the clutch lever on the transfer case about 1", maybe less...there's not much room for it...
  27. I

    PTO Hydraulic Pump

    I want to connect some Skid Steer attachments to the front-end load that requires up to 20 gpm to operate. My tractor only puts out 9.9 gpm. I am considering a 20 gallon pto pump, to run a brush cutter, post hole digger, etc. Anyone have experience with pto pump. What are the pro and...
  28. R

    PTO & Cruise Control switches/lamps

    Has anyone else thought it odd that the PTO monitor lamp is on the right side of the instrument cluster, above the cruise control rocker switch; and the cruise control monitor lamp is on the left side of the instrument cluster, above the PTO rocker switch? To me it would make more sense to put...
  29. G

    New Holland T5 Electro Command PTO issue

    2016 New Holland T5 105 Electro Command PTO is free spinning when shut off, will not engage when running, clicking noise at solenoid. Solenoid checked , functioning as should. Tried new sensor, no change. Next step is to find a 1000 pto shaft to insert and see if it will move the gears, andy...
  30. sherpa

    PTO equipment

    I sold my finish mower that I don't need anymore. I was going to buy another PTO attachment for my tractor but can't decide which attachment would be the best? I thought about an Auger but they have gone up in price beyond my need. Any suggestions on something useful to use with my PTO?
  31. M

    Conical PTO Bolt Replacement???

    I just picked up a stump grinder that uses a conical bolt to secure the PTO shaft to the implement side. The shaft has a clutch so I don’t think it has a protective function like a shear pin. The nut backed out and it came apart. By some miracle, nothing broke and I found the bolt. I bought a...
  32. S

    Broken Discbine PTO

    I have a Case IH DCX101 that I just purchased in the spring. I used it for the first time this past weekend and when I would engage the PTO the discbine would shake pretty hard until it got going. Yesterday when I engaged it (I started at low rpm) it actually stalled the tractor. It did this...
  33. D

    PTO won't engage

    Hi, I have a John Deere 2305 tractor and the PTO won't engage. The switch was acting up a bit when I tried to start the tractor, sometimes I had to work the switch a couple of times to get the tractor to start. I just got done replacing the drive shaft and had to take a lot of things apart to do...
  34. Tx Jim

    Ford 6700 pto problem

    New pto clutch & new control valve was installed several yrs ago but pto was only used a few times then tractor was used as a dedicated tractor to pull a wheel rake. Now after being attached to JD 467 rd baler pto started slipping after baling 8 rd bales. Same rd baler was used last year on a...
  35. B

    SA 424 Pto issue - Motor dies when engaged

    Hi All - Searched the forum but didnt find any info that helped my situation. I recently bought a used SA 424 - it was part of the home depot rental fleet liquidated through richie brother It came with loader and backhoe - Everything worked great except the pto switch had been broken off - I...
  36. K

    Auger 3rd function hydraulic or PTO

    Hi there, I’m new to land ownership and equipment and would appreciate all pointer. I bought a Kubota L2501 last year, equipped with 3rd function hydraulic for grapple and an auger. While I really enjoy the grapple, the auger is way underpowered and even with 12 inch cannot dig a hole without...
  37. N

    Belly Mower

    We attached tye deck mower for the season. My height adjustment, not the detail knob, to the right of tge seat wont raise or lower the deck. There is a knob under the seat that sets the under body that will not turn at all either. Any suggestions.
  38. H

    35 Ferguson PTO

    I have a 35 Ferguson with the 2 stage clutch. My PTO goes in ground and neutral but grinds when I try to put it in engine. It won’t go into engine PTO even with the motor off. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  39. T

    PTO link system

    Anyone have any experience with the PTO link system? kind of expensive. Is it worth the money? Other thoughts on attaching PTO attachments to make the job easier.
  40. Bootlick

    2022 Kioti CK2610se PTO will not disengage

    2022 CK2610se cab 600hrs I have been searching all over for a solution. I will try to explain my pto issue. I hope someone has a solution -When I start the tractor pto remains off -place tractor in gear Low/med/high pto engages pto light comes on -PTO will remain off if the auto pto function is...
  41. T

    John Deere 755 magnetic pto lever

    My pto lever won’t work
  42. rScotty

    Will a JD310 run an irrigation pump?

    This is for a fire protection sprinklers I'm thinking of building here. I'm wondering if there is a way to use our JD310 loader/backhoe to run an irrigation pump. I'd like to pull water from an creek up about 20 feet lift and then push 150 GPM at 90psi. Lots of PTO pumps will do that or more...
  43. K

    IH 584 pto not engaging

    bought an ih 584 and the pto lever was stuck on when purchased got it all freed up and it engages well and the plunger works up and down, but the pto will only spin at high rpm and can be stopped with a 2x4 with light pressure, put pressure gage on the line coming from the valve body where the...
  44. J

    Rear PTO hitch very slow, weak post maintenance

    Hi everyone I've got a RK24 (2019) and was performing service and repairs. One part I needed to replace was the little silver box where the control stick screws in. The metal leverage tab/pivot broke. I removed the hoses and marked the uncolored ones. Put the new part on and fired it up...
  45. L

    PTO Troubleshooting- Mahindra 3016

    Hello All, First Post here although I've lurked for advice many times. I've been looking all over forums and google to see if I can troubleshoot an issue I ran across last weekend and so far I haven't had any luck. I was Bush Hogging with my Mahindra 3016 and after about 5 hours the...
  46. Roy N

    PTO cap

    Yesterday was the first time I had need to use the rear PTO. The Operators Manual is pretty vague saying "Remove PTO cap..." so I figured it can't be an unusual technique and the cap should just pull off as it does on my other PTO shafts or a trailer hitch ball. Nope, it wouldn't budge by hand...
  47. Yander

    Is anyone running a 7' cutter with less than 32 pto hp?

    I just bush hogged 5 acres of pretty thick 2' grass (3mph) and was also able to do some 4' tall grass (2 mph) with 19 pto hp and a 5' Landpride cutter. It seemed to handle it fine. It was thick grass and I realize if we were talking bramble or brush, it would have been a different story. For...
  48. O

    Manual shift Massey 1528 PTO won't disengage with 2 stage clutch

    I've owned this tractor for 17 years and have never used the PTO until now. I recently bought a post hole digger and have come to find that the clutch won't disengage the PTO. With the clutch fully depressed I engage the PTO lever and the PTO shaft will turn even with the auger hitting the...
  49. W

    Kubota BX 23s rear pto 11 tooth select shaft tooth broke

    My 11tooth select shaft broke a tooth. Is the gear machine one piece with the shaft or pressed on? From looking at the service manual it looks like the front of the rear end needs to come off. If so it is going to be a time consuming process. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  50. M

    M4700 PTO and Bush Hog

    Hey all, My mother in law got a new bush hog recently and we're trying to figure out where to start the bush hog. I know it needs to be 2295rpm to run at the required 540rpm for the PTO and we're aware it needs to be lowered to start. What is the recommended rpm to start the PTO? The manual...
  51. C

    JD 4310 PTO & MFWD solenoids

    First question. What is the default connection to the front axle if there is no power to the solenoid? Locked or unlocked?
  52. Texasgreen

    2006 Montana 4940C PTO Clutch Replacement

    Well, it's come time to replace my tractors PTO clutch assy. The PTO clutch has called it quits and now I'm having to split my tractor and replace it. It took my dad and I around 4.5 hours to drain everything and lift the cab off then split the tractor midship and pull the PTO clutch out and...
  53. Ace Ford

    PTO lever and 4WD levers "stuck"

    Howdy folks. My little ol' 2810 (which has been really good and tough) has a new issue. Both the PTO lever (shift from 540 to 1000) and the 4WD lever right beside it have become nearly impossible to move. My guess was "dust and rust" and I have liberally applied as much WD40 as I had on hand...
  54. C

    GC2300 loss of PTO power

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when using the MMM the mower would not fully stop turning (it was turning at a reduced speed) after disengaging the PTO. It would only stop after throwing the mid PTO selector ever to the off position. Then after attempting to move the mid PTO lever to the...
  55. C

    John deere 345 pto help

    i have a john deere 345 that has been sitting for about 7 years after my father in law passed away. I brought it down to my house and got it running perfect but I can not get the pto to engage and have no power to the pto. This thing is driving me crazy lol . Bought a new pto switch nothing and...
  56. T

    3038h pto shaft free spin

    Any way to spin pto shaft to ease hooking up pto shaft equipment? Tried motor off, neutral no go
  57. JCM32

    Branson 2505H - PTO issue

    Looking for some insight.... removed the BH last week and attached my mower. No PTO. Found a blown fuse. Traced wire and repaired a broken wire underneath. Checked everything, new PTO switch, cleaned PTO solenoid. New fuse and we are back in business. Mowed for about 20 minutes, lost...
  58. N

    New PTO Tiller

    Never used Maschio Fresa L85 pto tiller. I bought it new and have decided to go a different way. 540 pto Tilling width 85 cm or 2 ft 10 in $995 central Iowa This a high quality product built in Italy.
  59. A

    PTO - Turned off tractor when it was engaged.

    Yes, it was dumb. I started to mow with my L3400 and I got stuck. I forgot where the front wheel drive level was. The tractor started to roll backwards and I panicked a bit. (I'm an older woman alone.) So I turned off the tractor, forgetting to disengage the PTO. Now since the PTO is...
  60. N

    Is This My PTO Solenoid? Framtrac 360DTC

    My PTO suddenly stopped turning. The switch illuminates the icon in the dash, and the fuse is good. Fluid level is fine. So next is checking the solenoid. Is the black thing on the silver box my solenoid?
  61. Bansil

    PTO Generator question

    Looking to pick 1 up, problem is hp rating@ 7200 watt is 14 hp, that's not much better than my gas genie 12000 watt is 24 hp, this would be ideal But my tractor is 19.5 hp, can I use the bigger one? At reduced capacity? Like 10000 watts
  62. D

    Woodland Mills WC68 6" PTO Wood Chipper

    Hi, I have a barely used Woodland Mills WC68 6" Hydraulic PTO Wood Chipper for sale. Chipper is in immaculate condition, and has been stored in a climate controlled garage for the 2.5 years I've owned it. Unit has approximately 3 hours of use on it, and works beautifully. It is a beast, but I...
  63. T

    Bent Belt Tightener Pulley Arm Ventrac

    Hello All I'm just wanting to confirm this arm that holds the double groove PTO pulley is bent or not. See picture of arm that has a slight angle to it. I noticed this when I was reattaching the deck mower and I'm even afraid to engage the PTO thinking the belt will just slip off or bust.
  64. C

    Century 3035 / Branson 3520 PTO will not shift into either 540 or 1000 RPM

    I am having an issue getting my PTO to shift into gear. In fact I broke the arm (PTO Rod) that goes between the shift lever and the actuator trying to get it to shift. After the arm broke the shift lever moves up & down freely, so it has to do with the PTO Shift Lever Shaft or something...
  65. Texas Green

    Need a 4940C service manual. having PTO issues.

    Hello, I'm needing a service manual for my 2006 Montana 4940C tractor. I'm having PTO issues. Thanks. My email is
  66. Thike72

    Kubota BX2000 PTO control arm leak

    I have a BX2200 that is leaking around the control arm for the pto at the transmission. I'm trying to remove the control arm to replace the o rings and have removed the bolt that goes thru it and the shaft and it will not come off. I don't see anything else holding it on and the service manual...
  67. F

    Howard Rotovator Rototiller: PTO Question

    I have an old Howard Rotovator rototiller with a 12 spring twin disc slip clutch instead of the shear pin type Universal Joint. A month or so ago the clutch started smoking. I adjusted the compression springs however since then my PTO spins normally but the rotor only spins above the ground...
  68. T

    PTO problem Cub 5252

    I have spent a lot of time searching for the problem and I am convinced it is in the wiring harness. I have wiggled the wires under the steering wheel and gotten the pro to stay on for awhile then do it again when it stops. I finally wired a toggle switch straight to the clutch and fixed the...
  69. T

    Leaking hydraulic pipe from pump to “PTO Solenoid Valve”

    Hey guys, running my Mahindra 2538 HST pretty hard today and all of a sudden I heard a small pop and noticed hydraulic oil pouring out. I was able to drive it back to the garage after adding some fluid, but still leaks pretty bad. It appears that the leak is coming from the flare on the pipe...
  70. K

    pto clutch parts

    I am looking for pto clutch springs for a 48" HOWARD rotovator . All the tractor dealers want to sell a complete PTO shaft/clutch assembly. Does anyone know a source for the springs, or am I condemned to buy the complete assembly?
  71. C

    How do I remove this 2 speed pto jack shaft?

    The splines on this shaft are destroyed and I can't work out the proper way to remove it I've removed all the circlips and when I pry on the shaft the bearing and shaft want to come out together My concern is that once the outer bearing is out of its race I won't have a way to remove the inner...
  72. T

    PTO Link Systems

    Anyone have experience with the PTO Link Systems? If so, pros and cons?
  73. B

    PTO shield

    I need to replace my driveline guard on my woods BB60 brushbull. Name on the old guard says Agmaster-11. I believe this is a Waltershield. Bought mower in 2005, if that makes any difference. My question is where is the best place to get a new one? Places I looked at,I couldn't believe the prices...
  74. 9

    Branson 5220c PTO clutch and pressures

    Last year my PTO clutch started slipping. I tried reading pressure on the back of the transmission where the hydraulic lines go in and had zero psi. Port g2 on the pto valve block and the port in the back of the transmission have the same pressures. The next step was tearing apart. I was able...
  75. C

    HELP! Howard Rotavator pto shaft

    I have an old Howard Rotavator Selectatilth that is missing the pto shaft and slip clutch. Does anyone know where I could find one? The shaft coming out of the gear box is 1.5" and has 10 splines. Also if anyone know what model this is that would help. The factory tag is missing. There is a...
  76. M

    MF1250 PTO just stopped working

    Was engaged brush hogging and just stopped spinning. I had been doing some thick stuff earlier in the day but at the time it was mostly just broom straw. Light is on just no rotation. It's the compact 34HP 1250. What should I be testing first to troubleshoot it?
  77. L

    L3010 PTO won’t disengage

    Today I was using my tiller and the PTO won’t disengage. When I move the lever to the disengage position the cable just goes slack. I can go under the tractor and with just a little finger pressure move the lever to the disengage position, but then when I re-engage I have to crawl under and...
  78. D

    Independent PTO problems

    Hi. I am new to this forum and I need help. I have a 2008 Massey Ferguson 2625 four wheel drive tractor with independent PTO. When I turn the PTO on, the 3-point lift arms stops working. It has a new Hydraulic filter, and new oil. I am getting 2350 lbs. of pressure at 3-point lift arms test...
  79. C

    Weifang CP 504 with shuttle shift, PTO popping out of gear

    Hello I am trying to fix a "PTO popping out of gear" issue whereby the PTO will stop spinning as the lever kicks back to "off" If I hold the PTO lever down it will stay engaged, but I can't seem to adjust the lever detents so that they will hold. I am about to remove the linkage housing so I...
  80. H

    School me on PTO tiller use and depth adjustment

    A friend bought a 50" Landpride tiller at the Kubota dealer. We used it this weekend but I was not super impressed with the depth it was able to till to. We used a ripper to rip 3 4' wide by 40 foot long rows. We then added some Compost and went to tilling it seems like the tiller only tilled...
  81. Hughman

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    I was just greasing up the rfm getting ready for the first mow when I noticed the plastic safety guard on the pto shaft mangled in the middle. Looks like the shaft is coming into contact with the drawbar when the tractor breaks over a hill. I was able to get it apart and shorten the inner...
  82. J

    Zetor 5211, going from pto to pto+hydraulics lever

    Is the left side lever between your knees on the floorboard only to be moved with the tractor turned off, or should the right lever in N allow that lever to be switched back and forth? Trying to decide if my tractor isn't acting right or that I'm the one that is messed up? I can't go from pto...
  83. N

    Need Cub loboy 185 pto bearing

    I bought this 185 lo boy as a project for the winter. It had broken belts from the engine fly wheel to the pto driving shaft. After replacing the belts and starting the engine, there is a terribly loud noise from that area. I think that the bearing in the assembly that adjusts belt tension is...
  84. G

    PTO grinding on a Long 2460

    I have a Long 2460 tractor and the PTO grinds when I try to engage it in either syncro or independent. I do have the PTO clutch rod lifted when trying to engage it. I have adjusted it until it hits the clutch lever on the side of the tranny. The PTO clutch lever is bent slightly down. I am not...
  85. Skypilota72

    Please Identify Part

    Mahindra Max-24 This seems a silly question, but I am missing 2 bolts that hold down what appears to be a spring-tensioned-band, located underneath the seat pan cover plate, and behind and above the rear PTO assembly. The band when unbolted sits at a 45-degree angle and requires a bit of...
  86. aseiras

    Bobcat 4045 HST, pto no neutral?

    Hi, I am new to bobcat, all my tractor before (Massey and Mahindra) had neutral PTO, meaning that when the pto is not engaged, the PTO shaft was easy to move around, so you could align the splines with the attachments to make connecting very easy. What a surprise when I tried to connect an...
  87. K

    john deere 301 a

    i have a john deere 301 a tractor that when trying to engage the rear pto depressing the clutch does not disengage the pto drive and it doesn't allow you to flip the pto lever to the on position. pushing the lever forward only causes it to grind gears, the clutch works fine for the transmission...
  88. F

    PTO Driven pumps

    Hi all, First time poster here. I just recently bought a second hand Kubota M9540 for some property I have in the Bahamas. Its a bit of a working hobby farm and having a tractor is new to us everything has been done by hand so far. So I'm kind of like a kid in the candy shop right now finding...
  89. P

    PTO snow blower odd shear pin install

    I became responsible for running a JD 4020 with plow and snow blower. I cannot tell the make and model of the snowblower, I just know that it's about 5 feet wide. My quandary is that the sheer pin went on it, and it's not straightforward how to install a new one. I have enclosed a sketch of the...
  90. C

    Tiller PTO Del Morino Flash 125R

    Fairbury IL $1,625 Del Morino Flash 125 Reversible PTO tiller Serial #53522 48" wide For subcompact tractor 12-30hp Rear flap has been repaired Adjustable depth Reversible gearbox Tractor for sale separately
  91. C

    Logging winch PTO Wallenstein FX40

    Fairbury IL $3,250 Wallenstein FX40 PTO logging winch 4000 lb pulling capacity For 12-30hp subcompact tractors Mechanical dry disc clutch 103-290 ft/min line speed Steel cable 3/8" x 165' long 2 choker chains 540 rpm x Cat 1 PTO 280 lbs
  92. G

    HP rating

    I have a 1999 Kioti LK3054 whose manual states it has 30.5 gross horsepower, does anyone know or has tested the actual PTO horsepower? Thanks in advance, Glenn
  93. tallman8251

    2440 Hydraulic Woes

    Annnd I am back... Ok got some strange things afoot with the 2440...When the PTO is disengaged, center lever down, I am having hydraulic issues. The Power steering will only work intermittently with High RPM's, and the rock shaft will do the same it may or may not go up with the higher RPMS...
  94. B

    Yanmar 155d PTO up and down Hydraulics or just up?

    Hello all, I just purchased a Yanmar 155d with a loader and a brush hog in good condition about a year ago! Paid $3750 for it, in case anyone might be wondering, and honestly feel like that was a very fair price. It's been running great (save for a blown hydraulic hose on the bucket, but that...
  95. C

    Hard to Engage PTO

    The PTO lever on my 1086 is hard to engage. Any suggestions on what is wrong and how to fix it?
  96. K

    MT4501D PTO tiller spins but kills motor when under load.....

    I have an MT4501D that I bought at auction a few weeks ago. Tractor runs strong. PTO did not engage at first. I raised and lowered the 3 point with weight and the PTO started to spin strongly. I attached my 5ft tiller. It took some time to start to spin the tiller but does so until I try to till...
  97. saxon11

    PTO Safety Chain Clip Ripped Off

    I've been busy with PTO tiller attached. I had two safety chained hooked up and heard a clank during using and found one of my chain laying in the dirt -- the clip was bent. There must have been quite a bit of force to break that clip. Should I be concerned or just get a new clip and hook it...
  98. B

    BCS 722 PTO with front attachment won't engage

    I recently picked up a sickle mower for my BCS 722 at auction. I haven't used a front attachment with PTO before on my tractor, and after moving the handle back over the motor, the locking mechanism is still engaged preventing me from using the sickle mower. Is there some pin or other mechanism...
  99. R

    Correct slip clutch

    Good day, I am running a logging implement on my NH TT4.90, and the unit is rated for 3000 to 3500Nm of torque (at 540rpm), while the tractor engine torque produced by the tractor at 1400rpm is 340Nm. I assume there must be a material increase in torque at the PTO at 540rpm due to the gearing...
  100. Madz

    PTO Wobble

    Guys - I've fitted a post hole auger to my BX25D but am concerned about the amount of wobble in the PTO shaft? Do you think it's okay or is the shaft bent or something else amiss - it doesn't seem right to me, but this is the first time I've used the 3PL...
  101. U

    Agco White 6124 PTO shaft

    I just bought a 1996 Agco White 6124. Was looking at the PTO setup and supposedly the way it works is if you want the 1000 rpm PTO you install the 21 spline shaft. If you want 540 rpm, you install the 6 spline shaft. Problem is, I can't find a 6 spline shaft with the machine. It's already got...
  102. W

    bolens PTO

    I have a used Bolens 1308 PTO that I would like to sell. New bearings, new belts and new unused rubber coupling. Also includes the lever and cable to operate it. Would like $250. Shipping would be extra. Phone 360-520-3808, call or text.
  103. S

    2010 DK45 PTO solonoid

    I have had intermittent PTO engagement. I see the valve body on right hand side that has two solenoids. One on the front side and one to the back. I checked for 12v on the back connector and didn’t have any with switch on or off. All wires (as far as I could see) looked in tacked. - is the...
  104. J

    Mystery PTO chipper

    I’m looking at buying this PTO chipper but can’t find any info. Owner doesn’t know brand/model. Anybody recognize the brand?
  105. mikester

    8" No-Name Chinese Chipper Grief and Slip Clutch

    The chipper flywheel was stopping and the engine wasn't bogging down... I discovered that the secondary pulley driving the flywheel was spinning on the shaft. I assumed that the shaft key either fell out or disintegrated based on the metallic dust on the inside of the pulley. Looking at the...
  106. O

    ck2610 mid-pto cka113 install question

    Just bought (due in November :( ) a new ck2610 (woot). I will use a snow blower, but haven't decided front or rear, yet, and since i won't take delivery until winter, I probably won't be able to make up my mind this year. Rear leaves the bucket (helpful) but requires taking off the backhoe...
  107. B

    T25 (RK25) PTO Electrical short

    This was the first weekend that I have really used the PTO - couple hours and I was mowing. I stopped for a little bit and then started it up again at which it wouldn't do anything even though the dash light was on. I opened the fuse box and found the 5 amp blown for the PTO. I put another in...
  108. K

    JD 2305 w/ 47" JD Snowblower - PTO hitting Tie Rod Shaft

    Hi, My JD setup is making a racket... some due to loose sprocket/chain - replaced the sprocket and chain/tightened... Some of the noise might still be that I was not paying attention to aligning yokes.... got that from another thread.... but I've also found the PTO shaft is rubbing on the tie...
  109. W

    Why do PTO drive shafts have grooves?

    Basically the title - Why do all PTO drive shafts have grooves? The groove radius varies a little, from 6.7mm to 8.3mm (6.8mm to 8.4mm according to the book I am reading).
  110. R

    Pto not working right

    I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my pto it’s a John Deere 4105 and pto will engage and disengage as is supposed to but doesn’t have enough power to turn a brush hog and if I hook it up to a auger it spins it but as soon as I put pressure down it will stop moving
  111. R

    Pto problem...

    Jd 4500::while using bushhog when I get in thick grass such as the road grass I call it, pto stops...shaft and all.. the manual says not enough rpm on tractor..give more rpm..what do y’all think?
  112. T

    1982 5211 PTO selector disconnected

    We have a 1982 Zetor 5211 with something broken in the PTO system. The PTO engagement level in the cab seems to no longer be connected to anything. We pulled the seat and transmission cover off but there is nothing obvious and we are not sure where to go from there. Does anyone have a PTO...
  113. D

    pto stump grinder

    Good afternoon. Im considering importing a RG24 pto driven stump grinder from China. Has anyone got one? Are they any good? The only one’s available in Australia of this type are made in China anyway.
  114. C

    Can't shorten PTO shaft because of metal collar?

    Hi everyone. I purchased an Agrimetal BW 1600 (PTO blower) for my BX2380 a few weeks ago. Everything looks great but I'm having trouble with cutting the shaft. I measured it up and found I need to take about 5.5" off. Of course, I need to take that off both metal shafts and both plastic...
  115. T

    Tractor and Turf Equipment Tutorials

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share my channel with you. I work as a Turf Mechanic for many years and I'm still learning everyday but I may have some videos to help some people with certain issues on a variety of machines. I also work on Kubota / Case and New Hollands as well. Please subscribe to the...
  116. SugarG33

    John Deere 850 PTO question

    Hi I bought a older JD 850 2 wheel drive and I have a question regarding the PTO. Is it normal while tilling or bush hogging to hear a click noise when you engage the clutch while using the attachment? is it some sort of slip clutch built into the tractor. it is a fast click not a grind or a...
  117. J

    John Deere 850 PTO conversion

    I just bought a used John Deere 850, 1981 model year. It has a transmission PTO. Does anyone know if the PTO on this tractor can be converted to some sort of continuous/independent PTO ?