Ford Superduty 6.2 questions?

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I also consider the newer aluminum body trucks an advantage. My F150 has the aluminum body. Obviously the frame and other steel and cast components can still rust though.
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I'm a really old guy with a F250 1999 SuperDuty. I haven't been there recently, but you could try this site FTE...i.e. Ford Truck Enthusiast. Lots of good forms there.

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I have a stock 2012 F250 extended cab 4x4 with the 6.2 and 3.73 gears. I bought it brand new in Nov of '12, it currently has just under 80K miles on it.

What would you like to know?

I've never had an engine related issue with mine. I have had 1 high pressure side power steering hose rupture back in 2016 (?) and I did replace the stock shocks and steering stabilizer at about 40K miles. That has been it.

I tow a 12K pound 5th wheel on mostly flat ground (no mountains in North Dakota). We have been to other states and I have been back and forth several times to my native state of AZ. I also tow a 9K pound flatbed car trailer with my Branson on it, when I'm out mowing fields for hire or other off home site tractor work. If I'm running empty and not towing, I average about 12-12.5 mpg over the 10 years I've had it. If I'm towing my 12K 5th wheel, I'm somewhere between 8 and 9 mpg. The flatbed with the tractor on it gets me around 10-11 mpg. Speed and wind resistance plays the biggest part here. A head wind will play havoc with the 6.2 gasser, more so than a diesel. I try to never tow above 70 mph, and mostly prefer to tow at about 65. That's with the 5th wheel, not as much of a mpg hit with the flatbed. The larger cross section of the 5th wheel acts like a sail in the wind.

The biggest tip I could give you is, if you're towing moderately heavy to heavy, always use the "Manual Mode" on the transmission. Never, ever tow it in "standard" or even "Tow/Haul" modes. The psychopath that programmed the shift points for the transmission must have been thinking he was setting shift points for a 4 cyl Datsun. If you leave it in auto (this includes tow/haul) the idiot computer will down shift the transmission if a sparrow flys by and farts on you. It's ridiculous. In "Manual Mode" you can set what gear you drive in, and you can choose when and if to down shift. I can hold a gear 1 and even 2 gears taller in Manual Mode than the computer will run the same pass with the same load. The 6.2 gas engine makes 80% of it's power at 2000 rpms. Unfortunately, the transmission shift points don't reflect that. No idea why, but there it is.

If I had it to do over, I would have purchased a crew cab dually. Either an F350, or if I could get it with a gas engine, an F450. This is mostly for stability of the rear axle when towing the big wind sail of a 5th wheel and getting hit with strong cross winds. It can get squirrelly when the gusts of wind get over 30-40 mph (which it frequently does here) and that wind is hitting you square in the sides.

I have never felt like I didn't have enough power. I know, the diesel kiddies would lose their minds at that, but putting it in "old guy" perspectives, my uncle used to pull a 30' Airstream all over the country with a Dodge dually pickup with a gas 318 and a 2 barrel carb. He never felt like he needed more, and he chastised me back then for buying a Dodge 4x4 with a 440 big block for "wasting gas".
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I have a 2011 F250 with the 6.2L and the motor has been great. I only have 75k Miles on it though. It pulls nice if you don't mind the sound of 4-5000 rpm. The 6 speed transmission downshifts considerably when towing. I keep track of milage, and my overall average is 12.0 mpg and between 7.8 - 8.5 mpg towing 9000 lbs.

Not engine related, but my truck did develop the "death wobble" at around 20k Miles. That will get your attention right quick!
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I had a regular cab 2011 4x4 F350 with the 6.2. It was plenty strong enough for everyday driving. Also had a 2015 F350 Platinum 4x4 with the 6.2, It was also a good driver. Power was good for a truck that big...Until I drove a 2016 Diesel....The difference between the 2 is crazy. For a daily driver, light load, medium duty truck..the gas job is fine. If you are going to tow on a regular basis..Diesel
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I also consider the newer aluminum body trucks an advantage. My F150 has the aluminum body. Obviously the frame and other steel and cast components can still rust though.
That is one advantage to me, the aluminum body. The chassis will get sprayed with Black fluid film.
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I drove a few of the 6.2L in dually utility body forms. When loaded heavy, it felt a bit underpowered, but for a pickup, is fine.

At work, we have been replacing the diesel pick-up fleet with the new 7.3L gas trucks and they are really nice. The 7.3L/ 10 speed combo is smooth and very powerful. The trucks tow with plenty of power and generally get high teens low 20's for mileage when unloaded. I didn't believe it until I drove my superintendent's truck for week this fall.

You are doing yourself a disservice by not considering that engine/trans combo. Not that the 6.2 is bad in anyway, it's just that the 7.3 is that good.
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I had a F250 2014 crew cab, 6.2. Great truck, saved my life in head on with a drugee. It had 143,000 and still running great. Just purchased a 2019 F250, 6.2, 6 speed, 125,000 miles. Love it. Enough power for me. I agree on the shift points. I got used, due to saving $35,000 over new.
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Had a '14 F350 SRW 6.2 , came out of a 7.3 Diesel F350 and A 5.9 Cummins Dodge. No gripes with the 6.2, was a very nice ride. Upgraded to Godzilla 7.3 with 10 speed , wow, didn't know what I was missing ! Whole new ball game with at least 3 MPG better, sometimes 6 !
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I have a 6.2 in a 2015 F250 4x4 extra cab with an 8 ft bed (steel body). Great truck. No problems. Gets 13-14 mpg.

I got scared away from buying a "real" truck that year as 2015 was the first year for def in the oil burners.