Frequency of lube changes


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Sep 18, 2000
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Never gets very hot. Not like an auto trans.
Not in your limited experience perhaps. Plugged oil coolers and poorly maintained equipment can easily lead to overheated, burnt smelling degraded oil and component failures.
Automatic transmissions in automotive applications generally run cooler than engine oil and most off-road hydraulic powered equipment that runs for more than brief intervals like most CUTs.


Jul 14, 2012
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I change my tractor engine oil and filter yearly. Do it in the spring. I don't use my tractor as much as many here....probably 30-40 hrs per year max. I probably could wait longer between changes but some people I know who are very knowledgeable about oil recommend yearly regardless of how few hours one might put on a tractor. Oil is cheap....engines aren't.

My manual transmission tractor gets the transmission fluid pretty hot so I change that oil every 3 years.

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Apr 16, 2018
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Changed my oil and hydraulic fluid a year ago. Put on 70 hours but much of that was short runs. (Turn it off frequently to keep hours and fuel consumption down)
Depends on quality of fluid and what you are doing.
I plan to change it shortly from the 5w40 rotella t6 to a 0w40 John Deere plus-50 oil. ( plan to keep this for two years or 200 hours.)
The hydraulic fluid I used last year was a John Deere winter grade. (Not changing this for a long time. )
Axle grease was an emergency swap out of only half with synthetic 75w90. Want to swap out all of it to fill synthetic 75w90. That should last a very long time and I will replace as needed.
For me the engine oil takes a beating because it doesn’t get hot enough at times and idles a lot. It also sits outside.
It gets cold here and a winter grade hydraulic fluid is like night and day to work with. I’m not driving the tractor for 30 minutes before I can shift into 2nd range and not have it stall.
There was a big difference between the oem grade oil and the 5w40. I’m sure the 0w40 will be even better.
80w90 gear oil turns to gel at -10 to -20 …like cold honey.