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Nov 29, 2006
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John Deere 3320 (2008)
I got a Frontier FL1572 "debris" (grapple) bucket for my 3320; dealer installed it and delivered on Friday. It's the 72" version and I used it some over the weekend and it's very unwieldy. I can't tell if its the weight or width. I also can't tell if it sized for my machine.

It's a foot longer than the HD 61" bucket and it weighs 645#. The width blocks my view compared to the 61" and the weight really affects the stability of the tractor. Both the weight and width limit my ability to maneuver around and grab stuff and it's kind of dissappointing. I was expecting it to work and feel a lot like the 61 HD bucket with the additional grapple, but its completely different.

The thing is that the Frontier manual has pictures of the 1560, 1572 and 1576. The 1576 is not rated for a 3000 series machine - it's too big - and it's built differently then either the 1560 or 1572. When I looked at the 1576's mechanical diagram I thought that the dealer had installed a 1576 since its pic looks like my bucket and I figured that I'd discovered the problem. But I checked the equipment stamp on my bucket the next morning I found that its a 1572.

What I'm guessing is that the 1572 and 1576 are built the same and the 1560 is built differently, instead of what's depicted in the Frontier manual, which groups the 1572 and the 1560 even though my 1572 looks exactly like a 1576.

I've already been thinking about what to do about this -- either swapping for the 60" version (FL1560) or modifying the one I have but cutting 6" of bucket off either side.

I'm interested in finding anybody who has a 1560 model. I'm curious about how it's constructed.
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Sorry to hear about the disappointment with your new implement. Attached is a page out of a current JD accessory catalog. It seems to be showing the 1560 and 1572 both for the 300CX.

Do you have photos by any chance?


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How much rear ballast do you have on the 3PH? Are your tires filled?
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My tires are filled and the current configuration includes a backhoe, which probably the normal combo since the drill is to use the BH to dig out root clusters and relocated them with the grapple.

I dropped the grapple and went back to the 61 HD bucket and nimbleness returned. I don't remember what the HD bucket weighs, but I bet the grapple has a few hundred pounds on it at least.
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I'd get rid of it for the 60" version. I think even that will be heavy. I went with the aftermarket style. There sized alot better for these machines. Search grapple in the attchment forums you'll hear the same thing.

Best of luck

Matt T:confused:
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The 60" only drops 75 pounds, according to Frontier. The bucket itself must weigh less than the 61 HD bucket, the weight is in the grapples and the cylinders.
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That's why I wanted the aftermarket grapple. I ordered a millonzi. I believe it's the lightest one out there. You also don't need a grapple as wide as your bucket. WR Long also makes a grapple you should check out. Both are alot lighter than the frontier. Like I said search the attachment forums there's tons of grapple talk over there. I'm sure you'll find out what you need to know.

Matt T.:D
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I have the 60" Frontier version, and have never found it cumbersome. What does get awkward is when the logs I'm moving around are off center. I also found that everything is much nicer with plenty of ballast. My chipper works well, but a grader blade or rake was definately too light, even with loaded tires. With logs and the grader I would often be doing the 3-tire mamba when a bunch of logs was off center. The weight difference between yours and mine shouldn't be breaking things here.
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Are you noticing the same sort of awkwardness with a full bucket of material or off-centered load of material in your bucket?

Also, are your front tires set in the widest position, or a more narrow one?

I ask, because I have a 72" HD bucket on my 3520, and noticed when the tires are in, loader work gets quite a bit more dicey... that extra leverage that set-up imparts on the corner can throw up a rear tire in a heartbeat when the pivot point (tire) is that much closer to the tractor midline...

For that matter, even working with the pallet forks, when both tines are well inside the tractor footprint, a load off to one side is very noticeable.

Times I really think that implement would shine would be for brush/trash cleanup and removal, and in that case that extra bit of reach on the sides with light material would be just what the Dr. ordered...

It's just that 645 pounds is a good bit, but still only~40% off the 300CX capacity.

I wonder if it might be an issue of leverage and placement moreso than weight? Even a balanced load contacting something 5, 10, or 20 ft out on either end put some huge twist on a body...
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I really think it has to do with the 300 vs 400. I run the 72" on my 4320 with no issues once so ever. But the 400CX has greater lifting capacity along with the 4000 series being a heaver and longer unit.