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browns40 said:
Are you noticing the same sort of awkwardness with a full bucket of material or off-centered load of material in your bucket?

Also, are your front tires set in the widest position, or a more narrow one?


The awkwardness is with an empty bucket. I think it's because of the weight and the width.

Not sure about the front tire width. I had the rears turned out, but I think the fronts are as delivered.
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I got the 3520 with the 72" grapple bucket. Yes it does stick out there especially when I am used to a 60" bucket on my 755. If I recall, I felt the same way about the 60" bucket. I didn't like it being out there at all. I even asked my dealer for a smaller bucket for everyday use, guess he never got around to it.

It took awhile for me to get used to it. You do need to ballance loads carefully. If you think about it, its only 6" wider on each side. It does hold more material which is a plus. BTW I have no weights except a rear mower and turf tires.
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I have a 4720/400cx loader with both an HD bucket and the 72" Frontier grapple. My limited experience (25 hours) with the grapple so far has been very positive and it is actually lighter than many of the aftermarket grapples in this size. If you are used to tractoring jobs with your loader bucket, then you will notice a difference using the Frontier grapple as it adds more weight. However, many of the aftermarket grapples in this size are over 700lbs. The Frontier is a good product...maybe the smaller one would better suit your needs. Anyway, for what it's worth, my limited experience has been positive and no insatbility issues have arisen with it's use. My rears are loaded and I have a HD Woods 84" rear grader blade which helps keep me well-planted. Post a pic...let's see your set-up.
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Michelle K linnane said:
I am looking at a slightly used one for $1600 is this a good deal?

Yes, this is a good deal as long as you have the need for it. The bucket base is a little thin and may flex with heavy use, but I found the more I use it, the more I'm glad to have it. I did add a couple gussets that connect the back to the bottom to keep the bottom even because I use it for picking up large stones, logs, etc. It is a "debris" type grapple, but I have been picking up large stumps, logs, and even some attachments that I move around. I'd buy a used one for $1,600...I recall paying around $2200 for mine new. One other is heavy...I have a 400cx/4720 and can feel the difference from the HD bucket. It's around 675lbs...something to consider.