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Oct 21, 2006
Sorry for the title! I'm having a hard time getting the blades off my 48GT deck, I haven't had them off since I bought this tractor last fall. I've struggled before with deck nuts but have always been able to loosen things up, but not this time. I've sprayed with Break-Away penetrating oil twice a couple days apart, have tapped to set up vibrations, am using a 1 1/8" box end wrench, have tried hitting the wrench with a hammer, can't get any of the 3 nuts to budge.

I don't have an impact wrench, any other tricks I could try?
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If you have the deck off then I would use a torch to heat the nuts. Even a propane torch should supply enough heat to loosen the rust bond. Also a breaker bar and a 6 point socket would be good.
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Hey Dave,

I'm a big fan of a product called PB Blaster, it's a penetrating oil type solution.
That and an impact driver.

They make pretty powerful batter operated impact drivers now (Dewalt), maybe you could rent one, or take the deck to a garage and have them loosen them for a couple bucks?

A torch applying some heat will usually free them up too, most people don't have torches.

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I've got a propane torch, I'll heat it up and see what happens.
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You might also check to see if a neighbor or friend might let you borrow a 3/4" drive socket set - that's what I use on my 48" deck blades (not too expensive at TSC or Harbor Freight).

CC 2518 w/48" deck
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Try pinemountainman's wax trick on this this thread
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A decent air impact wrench should buzz those right out.
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A impact gun is the ideal way to get them off. If you don't have one try the wax trick that gator directed you to in the other thread. It has worked for me numerous times over the years.
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I hope they're not left hand threads, would be a first for me on mower decks!

I'll be trying the wax trick tomorrow, that sounds pretty neat. Thanks for all the good suggestions.