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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
Recently I noticed my Husky backpack blower didn't seem to rev to full speed. After cleaning the air filter and replacing the spark plug didn't change anything, I thought of the fuel filter in the fuel tank. I replaced that and suddenly it ran like new. That got me thinking about my chainsaws. I have two Poulan saws and I would usually have to start and restart them several times to get them to run and then they were a little rough. I didn't think much about it because, after, they are Poulans. I replaced the filters on them and suddenly they start easier and run smoother. The filters are cheap and easy to replace, but if you are like me, not the first thing you think of. Just an idea if you are servicing your small engine.
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That's actually a good reminder. I purchased a new weed whacker several years ago when my old one would only run a minute or so. Later I learned about in tank fuel filters. Yep, mine was clogged. Replacements were readily available so now I have two weed whackers.
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Another thing that people forget is cleaning the spark arrester screen. Some designs clog pretty quickly even when using good oil.