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Oct 19, 2010
eastern ok
Anyone had issues with fuel tank getting damage ? Looks like not the best place for it
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You mean the tank in the cowl? They've been putting them there probably as long as they've been making tractors. At least back into the 1920's and 1930's.

Early ones were gravity fed. No need for a fuel pump.

I think most often people will get leaking pipes, or leaking filter bulbs, but anything can happen.

Most modern tractors have the tanks mostly away from the exhaust pipes, so leaks just go down.

Diesel is far less explosive than gasoline.

Some tractors and more often dozers or crawlers will put the tank behind the seat. Bobcats can make tanks integral into the frame.

Nothing is perfect.
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Mt CT122 is behind the seat and the seat back rubs on it.
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Mine is a steel tank right behind the seat, protected by the ROPS. What are you worried about?
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That's right. They're all over the place.

My Ford 1715 has the tank in the cowl.

My International 884 has it somewhere around the seat.

Mom had a Deere from the 90's that had it behind the seat, I don't remember the model. That was much more convenient to fill than in the cowl.

My Landini Trekker 60F has it in the cowl.

The Lindeman (Deere BO) has a dual Gas/Kerosene tank, with the gas in the cowl, and the kerosene above the engine.

The CAT 955 (and many others) has the tank behind the seat.

Bobcat 600 has it in the lower rear frame.

Oliver AG6, in the cowl, I think.

Massey Harris, also in the cowl.

Some of those old tractors with the seat hanging off the back, there isn't any place behind the seat to put the tank!!! But gravity feed fuel was common for many years.
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Sorry guys, I posted in wrong forum, should be in Branson (2515H)
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Sorry guys, I posted in wrong forum, should be in Branson (2515H)
Now, that's odd, little plastic tank right next to the left foot rest (and probably extending under it).

Branson 2515 Fuel Tank.jpg


That isn't where I would have immediately thought to put it. However, my guess it is extremely easy to fill. Many of the smaller tractors the tanks are frequently filled with a 5 gallon gas can, and it is always a pain to lift it up to the cowl or other tanks in awkward places.

If you lose some diesel, it won't be in a place that will hurt the tractor.

You're above the front axle, so hopefully not dragging on anything.

It doesn't look like a place one would step or kick a lot.

My guess is the fuel pipe pipe to the engine is in the top and relatively protected.

The front end loader shouldn't interfere.

And the new poly tanks are quite tough.

If I was building it, I'd have put a skid plate in front of it and under it, but it probably isn't needed.
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