1. M

    GC1705 Fuel & Temp Gage Issue

    I have a GC1705 that is a great unit. A couple of months ago, the temp gage would stop and start working. I thought I had it fixed, finding some corrosion on the temp sensor. Worked for a month or so after. In the last week the fuel gage and temp gage stopped working. Find the 10A fuse...
  2. BravoXray

    Diesel Fuel Caddy

    I hate using 5 or 6 gallon diesle fuel containers to fuel my JD and Kubota tractors, so I've been looking for a 15 or 20 gallons barrel to make a portable fuel caddy. I mentioned it to a friend, and he gave me a plastic 15 gallon barrel that he had no use for. I rinsed it put with water, then...
  3. J

    Leaking fuel filter shut off valve.

    Hi, I have a Branson 3820. I was brush cutting today and suddenly it started losing power and shut off. I was able to get it running, but zero power, even fuel pedal fully depressed - nothing. I did notice that the engine begins to rev up, but immediately drops back to a rough idle. I noticed...
  4. drizler

    3617. Beware breaking down rubber fuel lines!!

    I was mowing field the other day and it just stopped. Odd, well after checking it and a few minutes it again started right up ran a minute then simply stopped. Soooooome brings the beast up to the shop and check the filters which seemed very clean looking at the pre filter through the...
  5. E

    Adding more fuel for more power?

    First of all let me impress on you all that I am NOT gonna change how much fuel my injectors deliver. I am not gonna fiddle with my engine. So, I have a YM2310 that runs well and only smokes, and then not very much, when I accelerate quickly. When at full throttle and under load it doesn't...
  6. jd3038e2013

    Fuel shutoff solenoid wont hold

    JD 3038e fuel shutoff solenoid pulls but immediately pops back out. The hold is not working. I replaced the solenoid, checked all safety switches, ignition switch, pto switch, voltage to the solenoid, all fuses and replaced all relays. The thermistor is built into the instrument panel so it can...
  7. T

    XR4150H Fuel Injectors

    Some of you may have followed my thread XR4150H Engine Failure about a spun rod bearing om my tractor. The dealer seemed to struggle with diagnosing problems with the fuel injectors. I latter found out that their injector tester doesn't work. They were relying solely on injector bleed-by as...
  8. S

    Diesel fuel additives for bulk tanks

    I've asked this before, but can't find the old thread. I've got a 200 gallon tank. What additives are y'all putting in to keep it clean and fresh? Need something for algae, cleanliness and freshness.
  9. 1

    XR4040H blowing fuel shut off fuse

    I have a 2015 XR4040H that's been a great unit for over 1000hrs. Recently it shut off right after starting. I found that the fuel shutoff fuse 10a and the engine controller fuse 10a were both blown. I replaced both and bothe blew again. If I replace the engine controller fuse and turn the key on...
  10. C

    TC 35 clean the fuel tank

    Just pulled my fuel tank. Inside looks horrible. Looking for tank cleaning ideas.(before I start a web wide search. Seems to be quite a bit of good knowledge here.
  11. Catenary Kid

    JD 3720 fuel gage inconsistent with idiot light

    Troops, Took the sort-of-new-to-me tractor for a spin around the back 11 yesterday which is all standing on edge, some of it pretty seriously. About halfway through my traipse, the low fuel idiot light came on and the fuel gage started acting posessed, reading from 3/4 to 1/4 with stops in...
  12. D

    Fuel Filter TC45DA/ TC Series

    Today my TC45DA quit like it was out of fuel. I pulled the line from the tank off the filter and nothing run out. I used a compressor at the fuel cap and tried to get fuel to flow wi no luck. Then I blew from the line I took off the filter back to the tank and that got fuel flowing. So I must...
  13. B

    Fuel Gauge on M7030

    My fuel gauge works part of the time. Right now it is stuck on 1/2 tank. How much of a job to replace or repair? Or do I stick with the stick?
  14. coffmanjs

    Massey Ferguson 4707 Fuel Tank removal

    Need some help... I have a MF 4707 that keeps displying the fault code 00.1.31. The issue happens quiet often.... the fuel gauge goes to empty and the buzzer comes on. According to the code, it is the in tank sending unit. Anyone have experience removing the fuel tank and replacing the unit...
  15. M

    Fuel Tank on compacts

    Anyone had issues with fuel tank getting damage ? Looks like not the best place for it
  16. susiebaker46

    fuel gauge blinking

    my 2021 Mahindra 1636 tractor has 2 issues..most important one is the fuel gauge is flashing on/off consistently. other is a stuck horn so I disconnected that. what causes a flashing fuel gauge?
  17. B

    Leaking Fuel Tank

    Its been a while sense I posted anything. I have about 680 hours on my TYM t353 and had to replace control module at around 400 hours my 2nd problem is leaking fuel tank has anyone else have problems this problem. Tractor has done a great job! Ron
  18. 4


    i need to replace gaskets on the back of the fuel injector pump. Is there a special tool that I need to use to remove it.
  19. B

    Keep blowing fuse for fuel solenoid CT445

    i have a Bobcat Ct445 that I keep having problems with. Last fall the starter would have a hard time cranking the motor and acted like it was slipping. I replaced the starter. After the starter was replaced I noticed that my fuel solenoid was not clicking when I turned the key. The motor...
  20. J

    Replaced Fuel Tank

    The original plastic fuel tank on my 2006 PT-425 began to leak around the bottom hose fitting. I replaced it with a new aluminum tank purchased from Powertrac. I also replaced the fuel line and fuel filter and added a shut off valve (something that I've wanted to do for years). Not sure if I...
  21. S

    B7300 "Starves" for fuel

    My B7300 recently started 'starving' for fuel. Air is being introduced to the fuel system somewhere. When the engine begins sputtering I can watch the clear housing the fuel filter is in. I see that the fuel level goes to the bottom of the clear housing then the tractor acts like it's out of...
  22. P

    Ck3510HSE Fuel Filter?

    Tractor is a 2020 CK3510HSE (hydrostatic, SE, open cab) Seems to be a lot of reference for the F6800-16411 fuel filter, including my own manual. My tractor has a clear bowl and water sensor on the bottom. Looks like EH35-0011A based on what I was able to get from a cellphone pic (side with...
  23. M

    New Holland Fuel Issue

    new to this forum, Appreciate any feedback. i have a New Holland TD 95. We just recently replaced all the filters and changed the oil bc it was bogging down, and just not running as strong as usual. Last weekend it ran fine for about 3 hours, and as i was leaving the field, it started sputtering...
  24. T

    Briggs and Stratton Fuel Tank, discontinued

    I am looking for a B and S Fuel Tank, OEM part #297257. I am even open to good used. This is an old 70's engine, but runs great. Gas Tank rusted through.
  25. F

    Branson 4020 fuel Injector Pump

    Have a Branson 4020R that the foot peal and levee for throttle dropped working. If you use the throttle control on the console the throttle lever on the pump seems to stick but still does not accelerate with the foot pedal or the throttle lever on the console. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  26. Tx Jim

    JD 7820 low fuel pressure

    I'm attempting to help my neighbor with a 7820. He changed fuel filters during routine maintenance, started engine & backed out of his shop. Engine stopped operating & low fuel pressure code appeared on instrument panel. He has checked to be sure fuel tank is venting, fuel filter is sealing...
  27. JCoastie

    Fuel Filter Change MT240

    Changed the fuel filter in my MT240 and it is running just fine. Drilled some holes, ground some stumps, grappled some trees to the burn pile etc, all just fine. But.... After the filter change, I used the built in primer to get fuel flowing through the lines, but it never really gets hard to...
  28. N

    Just Purchased a 93' - B7100 HST Fuel Leak Help

    I recently had the chance to purchase a 1993 B7100 HST with a 60" deck and its my first time owning a Kubota. The tractor and mower run great, but I discovered a fuel leak that appears to be coming from the injector pump where it is threaded going to the cylinders. I have attached couple of...
  29. mistygyrl

    Oil & Fuel  Fuel Filter Search

    Trying to track down a fuel filter for my gray market yanmar fx175d. Time is unfortunately of the essence. Does anyone know if a comparable filter by another manufacturer may be available or is online from ebay my only option. Have local access to all major brand part dealers at the moment here...
  30. J

    Fuel pump issue

    Thanks in advance for any advise, I have a 2001 NH TC35D and been having trouble getting fuel to the injectors. Sometimes it would start and sometimes not. Thinking it might be the fuel pump I by passed the pump with a low pressure 12 volt pump. It started and ran fine. Now should i leave it...
  31. D

    Ford 3000 diesel fuel injectors

    I have a 1965 Ford 3000 diesel tractor. I bought new fuel injectors and noticed that the tops are shorter .the old ones tops are removable and have a spring in them. Did I get the wrong ones?
  32. M

    Fuel tank

    Hi I'm new to the group and I'm working on a free Ford 3000 diesel. It's not locked up so that's a plus. Was told it was having issues with getting fuel. So I'm going to start with cleaning the lines then go from there. The question I have is are all of the Ford 3000 fuel tanks the same? They...
  33. D

    F725 fuel pump

    I have a F725 with a Kawasaki FD590V engine. I started it up today after sitting all winter and had fuel spraying out the weep hole in the fuel pump. What would cause this? Is there a fix or do I buy a new fuel pump. I googled the pump and prices are anywhere from mid $20's all the way up to $165.
  34. Steller13

    2014 GC1715 - Fuel Troubleshooting Question

    I got my old 'n busted 2014 running for a while, actually ran really well, but then it started having idle issues, and now it won't start. Prior to quitting it wouldn't increase engine speed above idle without revving up for a second, dropping back to idle, and then it would eventually stall...
  35. T

    Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline tractor, Changing fuel and oil filters?

    Hello Tractor friends. I just bought a 2022 Deutz-Fahr Deluxe cab, loader tractor for @30K with only 325HRS perfect shape, extra front hydraulics. I want to change the oil and cannot find any oil or fuel filter part numbers. I was hoping someone has the same Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline and could...
  36. Bansil

    I need fuel filter recommendations, for manual pump in barrel

    So I'm getting a 55 gallon barrel from work, it had hydraulic or way oil in it. I bought a basic hand pump setup, I want a simple filter from the pump Nozzle to a filter and then simple fuel Nozzle for tractor. Talking maybe 2 gallons a week, BUT I want to have 25/50 gallons on hand...what...
  37. R

    Branson 4020 Fuel shut off on solenoid pull in

    Does this 2 coil solenoid have a relay between ignition switch & solenoid? Does the 70 amp relay on left side of firewall under dash control any part of the fuel solenoid function? What is the function of the rectangular electrical box mounted on right side of firewall under dash? My fuel...
  38. C

    Fuel Level Sensor (I think) Leaking

    I asked this question on the onlycubcadets forum but I thought I'd check here too. There is fuel leaking around the circled part which I think is the fuel level sensor. How would I fix this. I can't seem to get it to pry out to check or replace the gasket or grommet. I don't want to pry...
  39. S

    Lubrication additives for Diesel Fuel in older tractor

    What can I add to older (1980’s) Diesel tractor to add lubricity to the fuel. Have been told that Automobile Transmission Fluid or Two Cycle Oil (used in two cycle engines) can be used but I do not know at what ratio. (How much per gallon of diesel fuel?) Other substitutes?
  40. G

    Diesel fuel Injector pump leaking into crankcase?

    Hello. I have a 254 Chinese tractor with 3 cyl. LaiDong engine. The crank case keeps getting filled with diesel fuel somehow. I'm guessing the fuel is getting through from the injector pump maybe? Are there perhaps some kind of seals in the pump that I could change? Or a leaking gasket maybe? If...
  41. P

    Workmaster 75 Fuel/Power issues

    I recently began having problems with my Workmaster 75 feeling like it was down on power. It's mostly noticeable when I'm pulling equipment on on an incline. It has a hard time keeping up RPMs and if I'm in a higher gear range it really struggles. I contacted the dealer who came out and did a...
  42. H

    code problems

    I have a L S XU 6168 its a 2019 with 230 hours it has two codes F11 F31 i put two new fuel filters on it still has the codes no throttle lever or pedal however it run great it will move you just cant give it throttle PS were can i get a code reader for this tractor Any help would be...
  43. S

    Fuel Pump Replacement

    Recently replaced the fuel pump on my 07 Branson 3510i and now I can not get above 1200 rpm
  44. NicholasII

    Suzue M1200 KE70 fuel injection pump issues

    Hi all, First of all, i'm very glad to have found such an active community discussing even the most niche of tractors :) I'm sure that with the help of you guys, any issue can be fixed. A little history on my little Suzue, i've bought it a couple of weeks ago. The previous owner told me it ran...
  45. C

    Brass fitting safe to use with diesel

    Branson 3510i, plastic nipple on the left side fuel tank broke off from the tank. Dunno how it happened...guessing snow/ice chunk might have caught it when I was snow blowing. Anyways, got the tank removed and looking to make a repair. Was thinking I'd drill the hole out, tap it/thread it and...
  46. N

    How to flush / unclog Kubota L3301 fuel system

    While working the other week I had my Kubota L3301 died while running. When trying to restart it turned over but would not fire. After letting it sit for a few mins it would restart and have the same issue intermittently. After investing, I found out the fuel line from the tank to the petcock...
  47. L

    Satoh S650G Problem

    Bought a Satoh S650G the other day and while unloading it it ran low on fuel. Refueled with good gas and now it will just crank, fire, run a second and die. But then after about 10 tries of this it ran fine enough to load up a brush hog on a trailer. Shut it off and it did it again. Any help is...
  48. landruma

    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    My 2019 M5-111 (tier 4) last month had catastrophic engine failure, 1,200 hours, from the diesel high pressure fuel pump. I only use gas station diesel in 5 gallon containers used only for diesel. Cost estimated $17,000. I wonder how many other Kubotas are having this issue. KTAC, Kubota...
  49. Dmacleo

    Oil & Fuel  grr fuel leak GC2400

    break out of these posts not sure why they show post title like that. https://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/threads/what-have-you-done-with-to-your-gc-series-2300-2400-1700-tractor-today.419677/post-6214846...
  50. F

    Ford 3000 diesel 3cyl losing prime when sat

    Hi, I have a Ford 3000 3cyl diesel from 1967, UK build, with a Simms fuel pump priming problem. I've owned it around 2 years, and throughout that time found the fuel system will lose prime if it's not started for some time. Started once a week there's no problem, but at around 2-3 weeks between...
  51. P

    Yanmar FX32D fuel filter

    It's probably time to change the fuel filter on my Yanmar FX32D. I see that Hoye has a filter for that tractor, but it looks like it's going to be too big. I measured the glass that it fits into, and it measures about 3" tall and 1.75" wide. The Hoye website has one that is 3.5" tall and 1.9"...
  52. G

    New holland Tz24DA Question

    First of all Hi to everyone I'm new here so if I screwed up be nice I learn quick.... I have a simple question: On the tractor above should there be some kind of gasket or seal between the filler neck and the fuel tank? Mine was "glued" on(and the glue failed) which I initially thought was a...
  53. westbay6

    How To: Massey Ferguson 165 Universal Fuel Sending Unit

    Our Massey Ferguson 165 tractor's fuel gauge has never worked. The fuel gauge was bad but I was able to order a new one (p/n: 1074336M9) for $20 here (can't include link because I'm a new-ish member, but just search eBay or where ever). Unfortunately the fuel sending unit on this tractor had...