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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
1948 Allis Chambers Model B 1976 265 MF / 1983 JD 310B Backhoe / 1966 Ford 3000 Diesel / 1980 3600 Diesel
Well late today i was doing some bushhogging with the 265 MF and heavy 7' bushhog around the property line at church where it is too rough to keep mowed and it had about 6 years of growth after the neighbor had a trackhoe do some much needed drainage.

On the upper end it was dry and I had one wheel off in the ditch. I forgot how deep it was when it was dug and when I got to where the bottom was soft I found myself leaning hard with the rear end on the ground.

Currently I am the only one with experience with the either the 265 MF or JD 310B backhoe plus I have seen experienced drivers make a mess trying to pull one tractor out with another.

Both the son and daughter have dug some with the hoe but the son will get out and practice using the hoe without actually digging so pulling it out with the hoe made the most sense. What 12 year old kid is not good with operating a joy stick. :D

So I spotted the BH behind the MF and used a long chain attached to the bushhog with the backhoe out mostly straight. The son worked the hoe and I would let the MF spin backwards. Both tractors were running at idle.

The son with me on the ground coaching moved the BH forward once and used the BH to make one more pull which put me back on solid ground.

While it was a little slower than "jerking" it out with another tractor it was a smooth low stress recovery. It helped because I know when you are in a hole stop digging (spinning) so I was not hung hard.:)

Because everything was in slow motion I liked it. I think I could have recovered it without power from the MF but it did help plus the son is trained for "next" time.
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Yep,take deep breath and size up job..think it out go slow does pay off,also easier on the body.