Good morning!!!!

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Jul 21, 2012
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I think about anything they cross with a poodle is called a doodle.

I called what I used to do in school a doodle.

when I was growing up we had a cocka-poo (cockerspaniel-poodle) and later a malti-poo (Maltese-poodle), most of what I see these days are labra-doodles, or ugly mixed mutts
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Feb 10, 2022
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Good morning !

Here already is +/- stable winter

Forecast says next week might be some days with positive temp. Normally I like cold, deep and long winter. But now I need one little thaw badly as I have to pour like 100 L of special concrete to make support for new windows. Once windows & doors will be in place I could start up heating and start to work on interior
Anyway, there is nothing can help, just prayers. You guys know what to do :)

Other than that - was busy week. Visited customers, as you might remember - crashed car meantime :) Estimation from body shop is on my desk - 1,5 k $. Little more that I thought, but for given situation - its nothing. Consider - car start to spin on highway at 110 km/h and it landed in ditch

Finished my dentist "campaign". Not that bad at the end.
Brought my 9 y/o twins there as well. Each has only one little black spot on molars. Again - I thought it will be worse. Agreed to deal with that before x-mas

Wifey had vacation this week. She needed that badly. Maybe I already have I mentioned - she is head economist for National Paramedics. 3000+ employees, 300+ ambulance vans, ... etc. Always under stress, permanent emergency...
But after a week of being housewife she is again ready to fight :)

For Friday I has to run some business errands to run and then long waited weekend. I suppose - I will do nothing, just clean snow and sleep. Feel exhausted somehow

David Happy Birthday!
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Jun 20, 2006
Good morning,
31° now, high near 49 cloudy showers likely. South wind around 10 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

The Mrs worked her magic in the kitchen as always, simple but great meal, turkey/stuffing/mashed/carrots/apple pie and ice cream. My contribution is veggie prep, cleanup, alcohol procurement and consumption.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day as well.

Happy birthday David.

Absolutely no plans for today!
Enjoy your day everyone
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Apr 18, 2000
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Poured first cup of coffee. 42° with cloudy skies. Heading to 47° with mostly sunny skies. Thanksgiving dinner was great with family. Ate to much and brought home enough leftovers to last me until next month.
Need to take net off garden pond today. Had a Racoon get caught in it a couple days ago. It got free but tore it up a lot getting out. Could not get it off then because some parts were frozen to the ground. Then get Christmas tree out of storage.
Thought I was getting picture of 3 Cardinals in trees. Looks like I got more Doves than Cardinals.

Everyone stay safe and well.

Good Morning All.
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Mar 20, 2000
Corinth, Texas
Thanks to all for the good wishes and information I just read from yesterday's posts. And now for the latest. I can assure you that NO ONE had a finer Thanksgiving Dinner than we had yesterday with most of the work done here by our son-in-law. So naturally I ate too much and still have all we can eat for the rest of the week.LOL

And for the silly news. My wife is a baseball fan and while watching on TV, I've made some derogatory comments about the unshaven appearance of some of the players. So she suggested that I try not shaving for a while. Now I'd never gone more than 2 days without shaving since I started shaving as a youngster. And when I was a police officer, the rules were "No facial hair, sideburns no longer than the middle of the ear, tapered hair cut, no hair touching the ears or collar, etc." Well, I tried, as she suggested, not shaving this month, so the kids saw me for the first time with a beard.

Now I know styles change, and if you have a beard and like it, that's fine, but late yesterday, after everyone left, I shaved mine off, gave myself a shave and a haircut, and after having the injection in the knee a couple of days ago, I had the best night's sleep last night than I've had in a long time.😀
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Apr 22, 2002
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47 outside this AM, heading to lower 60's. Raining a bit.

Managed to get out yesterday with the wife for a quick hike. Visited the store yesterday AM for a piece of turkey. Not a whole bird, just a breast. Nothing to be found. Our plan of Chinese food were dashed with them being closed too. So after the hike it was grill time and fixings time. Ate around eight, channel surfed, tended to the animals and called it a day.

Looks like a good day to work on the milk house, not much else to do with the weather outside.

Hope all have a great Friday and good start to the weekend.

Be safe.
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Apr 6, 2004
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47 up to 57, and a few sprinkles so far.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Sodamo! Combo day...Turkey Birthday Cake? 😁

Good story, Bird. I grew a beard for a couple of months during early days of the C-virus, and was so happy to finally shave...and I like to keep my hair short...very different than 50 years ago.

We had a fun family gathering, meal, games, hike. Middle son won the Golden Turkey Trophy for winning the trivia...beat his wife on the tiebreaker. I need to teach him again about the consequences of that.

My wonderful wife will get a big hug and kiss when she gets up to celebrate our 44 years of marriage today...then a steaming hot cup of coffee as we get ready to feed the kids again this morning.
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Oct 26, 2011
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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wngsprd sounds like fun at your house. Subdued here had crab cakes for dinner wife and son had pasta

Reservations got screwed up for turkey dinner out no worries. Raw day yesterday raining today high in mid 60s

Enjoyed football yesterday good to see cowpokes get it going

Prayers for all silent or spoken our Country
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Sep 15, 2006
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My wonderful wife will get a big hug and kiss when she gets up to celebrate our 44 years of marriage today...then a steaming hot cup of coffee as we get ready to feed the kids again this morning.