Good morning!!!!

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Apr 8, 2012
Northern Ontario, Canada
2012 Kioti CK27HST w/cab
My carnival light (flashing orange LED) on top of the tractor quit working two weeks ago. Took the roof off today and found a loose connection, stuffed it back together and it is working again.

Re: beards. I haven't shaved for the past 16 years. I think shaving and haircuts are a colossal waste of money.
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Jun 25, 2005
Kubota L3940 L5030 MF205-4
My son has hotel near Knoxville tonight, he left late and made too many stops. Been on the phone with him. He still has an hour to go.
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Sep 17, 2009
in-between tractors
Good evening all. 49ºF for the start, overcast, raining, .9 inch in gauge, light breeze. Lake has gone up about 4 inches since last rain, and low water crossing closed for about 4 hours today. Beard shaving, I have a moustache, shave 2-3 times a week. Would grow a beard for St Pats prior to marriage , had to shave when at lead smelter, never did grow it back due to how much it scratched her skin. Today was conserve energy day. Rain continued to late morning, and had 1 more wave during afternoon. Did get nap in but sleep too long, and rain had already occurred so everything was wet again.
Randy glad all wood stacking done, and mowing under control. Hope your rain returns to normal
Bird Sorry no pics. Maybe it was not as bad as you think :)
Ron hope the window cleaning went well. Good luck getting tree up today. nice woodpecker.
Drew nothing like your own bed. Hope you got leaves done. Have bench in shower.
Billy sorry your team lost, sounds like you enjoying having family there. Glad you are don with leaves, I am just starting.
Ron good reminder.
Frits sorry about having to get blood redrawn.
Dennis good to hear smell coming back. Hope you can get to lot, Been enjoying you videos.
Thomas glad wind slowed down so you could burn. We always were supposed put out burns at sunset in St, Charles County.
Mike sorry about sidewalk patch. Hope the mortar patch woks better. Glad you and wife are hiking together.
Paul surprised you did not call support to work out what problem was. Hope trip to Hyannis went with issues. Hope you get counter top soon.
Don hope work day was good.
Bill enjoy easy day.
Bird they seem to have more problems with rain fall amounts here than in STL.
Scotty glad you can get back to routine. Glad you enjoyed your company.
Ken Hope you can get rest of panels soon. Nice you have some to put while waiting for rest of panels to show. I think it would be fun to ride on steam train
Ted sorry about only 1/2 inch snow. Glad T-day was good and food was great. Will crowds get any better before Christmas?
Drew hope you got most or all outside work done today.
Dennis thanks for posting the poem.
Frits hope you are feeling well. Easier to find mojo that way.
David hope you find out what is priority.
RNG hope you find the dragon eggs, and get red bike done. Sounds like plenty bike riding in your future.
RS hope you got the flower bed and garden cleaned up.
Frits Glad message to get across.
Chris I like women too. :)
Drew bet you are glad to have tub available again !
Don glad farm went well and lake up a foot.
Dennis quite the lint clog. Our dryer has to go up to vent bug screen biggest problem.
Randy(wag) hope church was good.
Frits hope no bullets close by. No chance of lane line here. Sorry about road traffic.
Buppies glad you had easy day. prayers sent.
Newbury nice green beard.
PJ glad good t-day, hope visit with BIL good. neat pic
Bill glad flashing light working on tractor.
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle /Daughter, /mom's breathing, /learning new job, /friends upcoming new baby, Bird /aging issues, Roy /passed away, /wife ankle,recover from getting sick, Don /brother medical procedure, Ron /broken arm and heart, Billy /mom hypertension & congestive heart failure, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /new skin cancer spot and treatment, /elbow healing, /wife knee healing, Thomas /gout, /wife's pain, Phil /reflux, /wife's eyes and fall, Frits/ daughters hip replacement /veteran son with mental issues, Ken /dad possible dementia, Steppenwolfe /son-auto immune disorder, Grev /wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery, /retirement & disability red tape, /family issues, /wife feeling bad, Lou / eye issues, Doug and wife/health issues, / hand nerve and surgery, / wife headaches and heart eval, / David(sadamo)/Sophie's new eye surgery recovery, Chris /neighbor's granddaughter and Covid issues, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /wife not feeling well, /marriage not doing well, / friend stop drinking, Paul/ wife's healing from back surgery, Dennis /retirement, /coughing, /neighbor issues, /land development, / brother "alligallyitus" and back in hospital, Drew /foot heel issues, /friend's wife cancer diagnosis and recovery, James /death of FIL, Scotty, /back pain, Frits /daughter recovery from surgery, Helogabals /second opinion, /wife's friend situation, Mark /wife colon surgery, Fatjay /father broken hip, Ukraine war, and Country.
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Feb 27, 2012
New Hope PA
in between now
good morning all
up too early
rain coming in around noon today

fun seeing my xmas lights up, made fun little color flashies coming through curtains.
I have a blow up Santa I'm going to fire up today, in my living room for a test.
I'm hoping it comes with tie downs or wonder how it keeps from blowing away.
Sure isn't going to stay in my tiny living room...

fake xmas tree comes upstairs today, hope to get a friend to help me decorate.
and then I might wrap some presents. All good inside stuff while it rains

when i found last year the cheapest smallest live cut tree anywhere in this area was 65 bucks, I bought a fake tree.
If I still had a tractor and PHD, I'd buy a live tree and plant it afterwards.

my winter beard is all white and I trim it at short setting. Only thing I don't like about beards is getting food in them, and
trimming hair around mouth is tiresome. Sure does keep me warmer though.

woke up sneezing and grabbing for tissues. Oh boy, hope it goes away.
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Apr 18, 2000
SW Oakland County Michigan
Kubota 2910 HST
Poured first cup of coffee. 35° with mostly cloudy skies this morning. Heading to 42° with good chance of rain. Got windows washed yesterday. Then put Christmas tree up. While put tree up noticed that front windows all have streaks in them. Sun was drying up water before I could squeegee them. Will be doing front windows again between rain drops. Going to be a conserve energy day after windows.
Thought squirrel was having a bad tail hair day. Nope, just laying in some small branches.

Prayers and best wishes for everyone.

Good Morning All.
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Sep 15, 2006
Frederick maryland
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good morning
Got the fire going good to make it comfortable before wife gets up. Cody already enjoying the heat next to the stove and fell asleep again.

not very cold out but the rain is coming our way soon
will be able to skip some watering for newly planted evergreen trees

The hunting laws for Maryland are very relaxed compared to many states. For the last 30 years none of our neighbors were hunting and this new neighbor wants to hunt his 5 acres that is open land except a small spit of land next to our property and houses. Sure hope he will use good aim and not get bullets coming our way. He is welcome to hunt but the idea that he has to do it right next to us is unsettling. He is relying on his deer feeder luring our deers over to his little piece of land where he can hide and shoot in our direction I might add. I was walking up to get the mail and was pretty close to his deer stand when the shot came. So he got one yesterday as it was close to getting dark. Two weeks left of the rifle season for deer hunting
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Apr 6, 2004
Beaverdam, Virginia
Kubota L3130 DT
49 going to 64 and rain, maybe an inch. We need it.

2 sons and 1 DIL still here, been enjoying time with them.

Did my planned dump run and hiked the battlefield forest to the river...seems like many other folks had the same idea: nice day, ate too much, let's go hike it off. Good collection of dogs, too. I had to rescue a box turtle off the road...thought they'd all be hibernating by now.

BEF, hope you're getting better...I know you want to get down to that land soon.
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Apr 8, 2012
Northern Ontario, Canada
2012 Kioti CK27HST w/cab
Good morning, the low temp was 36 and the high to 39°F. Wind SW 6 mph. Periods of rain mixed with snow.

I don't think I will get anything done today, my get up and go got up and went.

Pot roast for supper tonight.

Have a safe day all
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Mar 30, 2022
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Good Morning!

thank you God for another chance to get it right (or at least not screw up too badly. . .

50F and raining here in Appalachia, rain allegedly ending in about a half hour.

we put in several hours of pulling vines and saplings ad moving rotted down trees yesterday. double leg log tongs works pretty good on the boom, but if I were to do it again I would get two signed log tongs and put them on a 3ft spreader bar. And the new brush grabber works well on stuff larger 1in. Pulled a fair amount just wrapping up with nylon sling straps. And, at the end, all that soil disturbance made pulling a lot of little stuff by hand very easy.

MrsKilroyJC decided she wanted to sit on the couch with the dog and her coffee mug instead of going to our town Christmas Tree aligning last night, after all that dirt work! But we will go to the Christmas Parade today, since it looks like the weather should be decent by this afternoon.

still trying to get the new chickens integrated with the old chickens Before the really nasty winter weather settles in. . .

have a wonderful and successful day, everyone!