Good morning!!!!

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64 outside this AM, heading to mid 70's. 84% humidity.

Got the call yesterday to formally shut down a few projects at the real job. Too bad.

That set my mind racing to complete the wifes wishes here at the house. Today is Milk House attic cleaning day. Chase the squirrels out, clean up the attic floors, hang some gable foam boards and seal it up. Will have to double down on that and get it done, today. Still waiting on one plumber with a transit. To get it fully functional with water and septic hookups we are in the 13 to 25k range. That's rough in only, no fixture hookups. It's a big fur ball for me, but it needs to happen.

Hope all have a great weekend, be safe. Stay or get healthy to those ailing.

Time to tend to the critters.
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I am going to guess that drilling holes at each end of the crack to relieve the stress and stop it from continuing to fracture would be part of that…
I saw that done to stop the crack from advancing. Lots of you tube videos on poly tank repair. I bought a 200 amp soldering iron kit with metal screen that is melted into the plastic and poly filler strips to be added over top. Ideally the tank would be repaired on the inside and out.
On the plus side I will learn to fix all sorts of plastic failures as our lives are full of plastic stuff that breaks.
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Post some action pictures...interested.
I had a wider 72 inch model of the same cutter but I found it to be too big for my machine. Bogged down in thick weeds/vines etc. I bit the bullet and sold that unit and bought this 60" that matches my bucket width. Lesson learned. I'm excited to give this a try, should be great. This seems to be a superior build and design. The center section of the cutter is a very large and heavy piece of steel which should give added momentum to the blades swinging on the end.
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Drew, look on Amazon for pressure washer accessories. They have some different extensions and tips that will allow you to wash roof from the ground.

We made a detour, he thought I might like to see his friends wood shop. He was correct. They had some spectacular high end projects going on, several big pieces that were going to Norway.
Good Morning Guys,
Ct, 53 going to 64. Yesterday the temp didnt change much it poured all day ! It is still raining here, supposed to stop later ! :unsure: We will see !

Leaving for Vt on monday morning. Tomorrow I will be smoking a few racks of ribs for the neighbors across the street party.

Ron, I believe they also make a rolling pressure wash attachment that goes under the vehicle also ! Maybe Northern or similar outfit!

Paul, those live edge highly figured pieces can go for thousands of dollars, definitely out of my price range ! Beautiful when finished properly !

Today, work out in the garage , throw a lot of unused stuff out and reorganize ! Garage refrigerator is on its way out, we ordered a new one a few weeks ago to replace it, should be arriving soon we think. So with the rain outside, prefect time to clean things up out there a little bit !

All have a blessed and safe day !
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out and back by 9am but not overly happy with selections, mums were a whole size smaller than I wanted, but I have learned, they
will grow larger. Two of these are new multicolor mums I'm trying out. When they are done, I plant them permanently somewhere.

sip of coffee, then back out to tackle rv wash. Scrub a dub dub. guess I'll fire up the pressure washer and foam cannon.
I need to winterize the pressure washer when I'm done


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Good Morning!!!! 55F @ 6:45AM. Rain early...then remaining cloudy with showers in the afternoon. High 66F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%. Rainfall near a quarter of an inch.
Picked up almost 3.25" of rain overnight, 2" of it in just an hour and a half at around midnight, accompanied by the most hellacious thunderstorm I've ever experienced. Several brilliant lightning strikes instantaneously followed by window rattling explosions; gonna need to take a walk around as soon as it gets light to see what might have been hit. Probably need some rut repair on the driveway, too. Looks like we may pick up another quarter inch before it clears out later this morning. Yesterday's prediction was for 0.12" of rain...

I put Bilsteins on the F250 and also found them harsh over small bumps, Drew. $200/shock for the Konis sounds like a bargain; they've had that self adjusting technology since the early '80s, at least on the BMW motorcycles back then. A good motorcycle shock will run you at least $500, and those with electronically controlled damping can cost four times that.

It seems there's a power outage in effect here, and several of the devices and switches on the network are down. Probably more problems from last night's lightning.

Called PG&E again about the over voltage problem yesterday. The tech I spoke to said he'd follow up with the engineering team that was supposed to fix it, but the problem persisted the rest of the day. Can't tell what it's doing now as the grid seems to be down. I say seems to be because the controller for the solar power system seems to be one of the lightning casualties. Hopefully power cycling it will fix it.

The digital readout on the lathe self healed yesterday, ah the joys of another intermittent problem. But I did make some good headway on the red bike, finishing the top end on both sides. Still need to get the exhaust back on and track down a persistent oil leak. But should finish it today.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Morning all, 60 going up to 67 today and cloudy.
Had to empty more water out of the pool, above the skimmers again.

Got some more furring strips up, trying to figure out how to get more sheetrock up around all the stuff in the way :-(
If the weather was nicer I would just put it outside.

Brother and Niece are fine just a bit waterlogged up in NYC. Friend of mine tried to drive into Jersey city yesterday for a work meeting and had to turn around the water was so deep and many roads blocked.

Drew- I see some zip ties that are open and could use replacement. Looks like you need some waterproof tape. Think they used the bargain basement HD stuff to wrap. At least they used some plastic loom to keep them in.

I keep getting frustrated that I can't do things faster, but I have some medicine now that should at least keep me stable until they find what is wrong. So feeling a bit better and will go out with the wife tomorrow to an orchard over in NJ.

Back to the basement, next piece of sheetrock cut and ready to get maneuvered into place at 70 pounds the panels can be a pain, and harder to cut than regular drywall. But with the foam board need to use this to be in code. Cutting the windows and pipe areas should be an experience. Will find out later.

Minisplit really warms or cools the space quick.

Be well,
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Good morning! Low of 46°, heading to 79°. A50% chance of t-storms today and tomorrow, leftovers from RNG's rainfall.

RNG, sorry to hear of the electric service problems ..... "No, that's not our problem... it was fixed"... even though they are fully aware that it isn't.....

Drew, the mums are pretty! The wifey received an "indoor mum" as a gift a couple years ago. We planted it outside last year.... it went from a small 6" ball in a little container to over a 3' round ball outside. So big and full that the blooms caused it to collapse.

Nice mower Scootr. Looks heavy duty.... bring on those weeds!😁(y)

More work on the addition today. If it rains, I'll head into the garage and stain the wood for the new and improved porch roof. --- keep the momentum moving.....

Everyone have a great day!
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I sure got my exercise. First the motorhome, then since the car was got washed too.
and dried
so mums are in and vehicles clean, I'm done for the day


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71°F and .55 inches rain.
Today is our 40th Anniversary. Life is good.

Guys finally won at H&F yesterday

Think I found the short in wiring harness of Sophie’s Scag. Right at the connector for the engine wiring adapter. Anticipate great fun fixing. Rather tight quarters. If not fixable then $400 for new harness and even more fun.

Need to go to town to pickup my prescription mouthwash

Nice dinner in town to celebrate anniversary

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day